Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MFP Copier Take Down Poll!

About a month ago I was trying to come up with a new poll for the Print4Pay Hotel forums. I struggled for a few days when one of our new reps in the office made a statement "hey, we should keep track of manufacturers units that we take outta da (jersey talk) field!  With that statement I had the idea I was looking for! Thank goodness for newbies!

Oh, btw the way you gotta hear this, I'm always trying to help the new reps to learn more about the features, advantages and benefits of the hardware they are selling.  Sometimes, I'll quiz them (they must be thinking what a pain in the ass this guy is), however on this occasion I was trying think of an obscure feature that would be relevant top copying.  So, I asked......."what is 8 up", the answer was.....drum roll......"that's when the machine misfeeds and it ate up the copies", with that answer I stopped my quizzing, shook my head and went back to making calls!

Back to the MFP Copier Take Down Poll, our members can select how many units they removed from the field and what manufacturers machines were displaced.  Who's in the lead?  How many were displaced??  Let me just say in two weeks I'm pretty impressed with the numbers and we'll have to see were they end up. 

You can check out the MFP Copier Take Down Poll! Click here

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