Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 Questions for UDOCX "Ricoh MFP's to the Cloud"

While holed up sick the other night, I had the chance to converse with Neil Griffiths from UDOCX in reference to some questions about UDOCX. Please if you have any additional questions please post them in the reply section here or you can start a new thread. Neil Griffiths (UDOCX) will monitor and or you can send him an email neilg@fenestrae.com.

Does UDOCX install Java software on the MFP and if so how?

UDOCX does not install any software on the MFP it is pure cloud via the MFP browse.

So, the information on the MFP screen is actually coming from the cloud?


Besides offering a cloud solution and training for their customers, how does a dealer make profit on reselling your services?

The reseller will make profit with the commission from the sale(per monthly fee)

So, it would be safe to assume that this would be an ongoing revenue stream for the Dealer, right?

Yes, that's correct there certainly is a reoccurring revenue stream!
What type of support is offered, and is there a maintenance fee?

There is no maintenance fee.

How does one activate the UDOCX cloud service from the Ricoh MFP?

There is a provisioning process that you need to go through to activate UDOCX on the MFP , it Is a pretty straight forward web based process (sign up , we allow company access to UDOCX and then we need to identify which machines can use UDOCX via machine serial number)

Are there any other manufacturers supported at this time for UDOCX?

Currently we support Ricoh, Xerox very shortly, others including Canon, HP and more, to follow.

What do you like most about UDOCX?

The thing I most like about UDOCX is that it is cloud based , so no expensive software to install, no hardware, no maintenance charges or installation fees.

How long has been UDOCX been available?

December 2010

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