Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smart MFP's Take to the Cloud "Why UDOCX is Killer Solution"

General Introduction to UDOCX

Over the last few weeks you may have heard about technologies such as “UDOCX”, “cloud” and “MFP integration” coming from multiple sources. You might have read one or more of our blog articles or maybe you’ve even taken a look at our UDOCX website. Maybe it’s time to introduce ourselves personally.

UDOCX is an abbreviation of Unified DOCument eXchange. It is the first real cloud solution that connects multifunctional peripherals (copy/scan/print “all-in-one” devices) to cloud-based services (specifically Microsoft BPOS/Office 365). Using the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, UDOCX allows users to securely scan, store, mail, and print documents to and from multifunctional peripheral devices anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, not only can you integrate your MFP devices with BPOS/Office 365 in the cloud but you can also integrate them with on-premise Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 and on-premise Microsoft SharePoint. Should you wish to move to a hosted infrastructure in the future, UDOCX is easily reconfigurable – flexibility which saves our customers both time and money.

In contrast to typical software solutions for multifunctionals (document management solutions, managed print solutions, etc.) or to other “cloud” solutions, with UDOCX you simply configure your browser-enabled MFP with the URL of the UDOCX website. We then record some basic information about your MFP devices for authentication (serial number, email domain, etc.) on the UDOCX side and your MFP’s are immediately integrated with your office environment, regardless of physical location.

No need to install or maintain additional software or hardware. No need to purchase additional, proprietary hardware/software add-ons from the MFP manufacturer that only integrate with their proprietary cloud services.

UDOCX is a cloud-based solution designed to support MFP models from multiple manufacturers. The service is constantly evolving to support more and more devices and OEM’s driven by market demand and customer requests. If your chosen MFP devices aren’t currently supported by UDOCX, it’s likely that they soon will be in the coming weeks and months.

The company behind UDOCX:

Fenestrae’s origins as a Microsoft-centric messaging and communications solutions vendor go back more than twenty years. Fenestrae Faxination Server and Fenestrae Communication Server have set the standard for fax and mobile unified messaging solutions by which all other competing products are measured. Fenestrae is a long standing Microsoft Partner and currently has a Gold ISV/Software competency and Windows Server 2008 R2 certification.

Fenestrae’s innovation and expertise in messaging and communications platforms led to the development of the UDOCX cloud solution for MFP’s and its introduction in December 2010.

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