Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ricoh Copiers that Scan to Sharepoint

If you're a Ricoh Family Group Provider, you've got to check out UDOCX. No software, no server, it's pretty much a lock out feature and gives you something more to talk about than speeds, feeds and more importantly it seperates us solutions sellers from the box sellers. Offer solutions, and value in turn command a higher price for your knowledge to being state of the art solutions to your customers. 
I went through one of their webinars about a month ago, just today I was trying to get one of my customers to move to a larger system. For the life of me, I could think of any additional items that would make them go with the larger (mp6001), I then asked the IT person "are you guys using sharepoint", the answer was yes, and I directed them to the site. While he and I were on the site, my statement was that the new larger unit will be able to support UDOCX. The head of IT was impressed, so impressed that he was moving the MP6001SP and UDOCX solution up the ladder for approval.

We all know we need to seperate ourselves from BOX sellers and become more value added to the customer. UDOCX can help!!!!

We'll have a blog from them next week and then we'll be having webinars for P4P HOTEL members only!!! We all know the CLOUD is HOT and it's all going in the right direction!!!!!

BTW, UDOCX is now a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel forums. Log in here and become a member of the largest social group of imaging professionals in the world!!!

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