Thursday, February 18, 2010

Riso ComColor Review

To tell you the truth, I was always skeptical about the Riso's new ComColor devices. The engine technology is ink, it's simple and the new ComColor's from Riso seem to be a hit and not a bust like the HP's Edgeline.

There are acutally six different models, the 3010 and the 3050 are 90 ppm full color devices that will copy, print and scan letter and legal only. The 7010 and 7050 are 120 ppm full color devices that will copy, print and scan letter, legal and ledger. Then there's the flagship models of the 9010 and the 9050 capable of 150 ppm color that will also copy, print and scan letter, legal and ledger.

Today, I had the chance to print various documents to the 7050, to say the least, I WAS IMPRESSED. This was my first "hands on" for the equipment. I printed a 12 page full color 11x17 booklet (saddle stitched) in about 15 seconds and a 32 page booklet (saddle stitched) in about 30 seconds. Not only was I impressed with the speed, but these speeds where acheived with the highest quality settings. I used 300x600, line smoothing and error diffusion , the quality of the color was exceptional! Since the ComColor uses ink, of course it won't give laser output, but it will give you knock your socks off color at a great price of three and a half cents per page and don't forget about the speed!

I also took notice that with the standard printer driver you also had the capability of using a 70 line screen and a 100 line screen. I tested these two screens on the booklets and again the output impressed me.

To me the ComColor's mantra should be "Print Shop in Box", it's a little limited with very heavy stock, however I was able to run 90lb index two sided with out a hitch. I also test pressure seal paper which fed very well and also produced very good quality.

The unit I tested had an MSRP of about $65,000. The system is designed to run 500,000 pages per month.

Where do I see this system making a big splash? Direct Mail and in house CRD's. Direct Mail has an awesome application with pressure seal paper. For just pennies, you can produce full color direct mail pieces that can include the outbound postal indicia and the return "reply card" postal indicia. The entire piece can be printed two sided with the variable data. No more boring direct mail letters in monochrome, combined with the pressure seal paper and color, this is an awesome solution for all Direct Mail Companies.

It's late, I think the ComColor is a winner, and give it a ten! Can't wait to see the next generation of these models. Maybe they'll get the price down to make them affordable for the SMB market.

-=Good Selling=-

BTW, if RISO is reading this, thanx for helping


David Murphy said...

Of course, the team at RISO reads your blog! Who doesn't?

You make some great points about the product's fit and unique capabilities - there really is nothing else like it. Regarding card stock, there is a Special Paper Feed Kit that RISO sells for about $300, which provides for feeding up to 210 lb. index (400 gsm).

In addition to direct mail, other sweet-spot applications include transactional printing and dynamic personalized color book/booklet printing.

Thanks for the 10!

Art Post said...

No problemo! Thanx for the kudos and thanx for the info on the Special Paper Feed Kit! Hey, are you guys gonna rock the market and bring out 40, 50 & 60ppm ComColor's? If so you'd have Ricoh, Canon, Xerox and KonicaMInolta shakin in their boots!

Go ahead, I dare ya! ;)

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