Saturday, February 6, 2010

How 2 Sell Digital Duplicators in the Print4Pay Market!

Cold calling, nine times out of ten the owner is always somewhere in the shop and 50% of the time you may have the chance to met him or her on the first cold call.

Once you have the name of the owner or the buyer, (keep in mind this is all you want too accomplish on the first call) and a good look at the equipment that he is using, you'll want to create a dedicated mailing list for P4P. I will then send them a direct mailer every three months and follow up with an in person call every three months or every month if you think you have peeked their interest.

I have four different mailers that I use for P4P and will alternate them each and every month for the a quarter and then start over in the next quarter.

If you have half tone samples from your HQ 9000, make sure you are putting a sample of the half tone along with your mailer.


The rest of this blog is posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums, if interested become a member by click anyone of the Print4Pay Hotel links. In a week or so, I'll be publsihing my second book titled "How 2 Sell Digital Duplicators in the Print4Pay Market.

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