Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday, A Day in the Life of a Copier Salesperson

FYI, this was something I posted about 4 years ago, this was just one Monday that I wrote about.  Seems it was the same time of the year, since the METS we're doing their home opener.

Monday???.....Everyone knows that a great copier sales person week starts late Sunday, because they called it quits early Friday!

With that in mind, Sunday night is geared to getting these type jobs accomplished.
  • Answering emails that came in late Friday
  • Preparing any quotes or orders needed on Monday
  • Researching items needed to quote early in the week on Monday or Tuesday
  • Checking your calendar to make sure there are no conflicting appointments
  • Going through your account list to see if there any viable upgrades coming soon
  • Rewriting your list of things to do
Whew, after all of that is done, it's MONDAY, yea!!! Time to make some sales YEA!!

The dreaded drive to the office, for someone like me, a late owl, I always find myself in a rush on Monday morning. Can you believe my wife picks out here clothes the night before? Well, not me, I'm a man and can figure that out in an instant, so off I go to work with two different color socks. Stop for coffee, and off to drive 33 miles which will take almost 90 minutes in order to get there by 8:00AM.

I'm at the office, get the laptop, get my presentation binder, my cell phone, my coffee (another one), and note pad into the office. I'm in off to my 25 square feet of space, give the usual how ya doins, take in some more coffee and time to start our sales meetings.

Boring, boring and find my self nodding off, four hours into the day. The  time comes for me to speak about an interesting appointment I had last week............oh bother...., do I have too? After two to three hours of yaking it up I'm ready to make some follow up calls before my 3PM appointment that I made very close to my home (yea!!)

Dialing for dollars, "I'm sorry Mr. so an so just stepped away from his desk, would you like his voice mail?", "I'm sorry Mr. so and so is not in today, would you like his voice mail?", "Mrs. so an so just got called into a meeting, would you like to leave a message?", "Hi you reached so and so and please leave a message", "This is Mr. so an so, and I'll be out of the office from so on and so forth", "We just upgraded our systems two weeks ago", "Can you send me information", "Mr. so and so passed away two months ago", "Miss so an so does not work here any longer", "We were just purchased by another company and luckily all of the purchasing decision's are made out of state", "Yes, we'd like to have you come in, however the only open time slots are 8:30AM or after 5PM" Whew!

Appointment (yea!! yea!!) off I go, another cup of java, back out on the open road in NJ, sun in my face, wind in my hair, listening to the home opener of the METs, and stuck in traffic! Arrrggghhh. Where's the cell, looks like I'm gonna be late and have to call the customer.

Shaking hands, meeting new people, checking to make sure no one has TB and we're good to go. That appointment went well, need to do research and have another appointment set up for two days from now in order to close so business. Once I get outside, since it's 4:00PM, gee....I still have time to cold call (yea!!!). Hit about 5 places, dropped off cards, got cards, and I'll make those calls on another day! Ok, it's close enough to 5PM to go home (remember, I'm only 15 minutes from home), get some eats, kiss the wife, walk the dog, take out the garbage, watch the news, and then spend an hour or two at night getting ready for TUESDAY!!!!!

-=Good Selling=-


Jon Selman said...

Geez...this is all too familiar. Only part ya got wrong is...GO BRAVES!!!

Jon Selman said...
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