Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Selling MFP's in Tough Times!

This was a topic on the Print4Pay Hotel forums from last year just around this time. Seems like we're still fighting our way through this recession, however here's some threads from Print4Pay Hotel members that help each other to get past the tough times!


May we start a general discussing and share ideas on the economy and the major impact it has on our ability to generate sales.

Any other ideas on how to increase sales, best practices, models, deal structuring, etc? from Foxtrot in South Africa

I know that most of my sales career has been involved in start ups or branches and territories that have very few MIF, so it's always been a matter of "how do I set myself apart from everyone else"? The obvious answer is to do one of two things. Getinto deals where the prospect isn't looking and therefore there is little competition, or learn to create value that others can't or don't.

That isn't always as simple as it sounds, but with the current company I am with, the DSM has done a great job of building value through the sales process. Much of the value at times is through providing a total solution, not only "boxes" but overall soutions. Things like software, fax servers and the like. Under normal circumstances the likelihood of taking a deal from an incumbant is 1 0f 5, I see us pushing that to 2/3 of 5.

I think far too many rely on gimics rather than just good old hard work; hard work in finding the prospects and then hard work in the discovery process. It's the only way. from Neal in Indiana
Good Post. My take is stay away from speaking about the hardware. What will distinguish and set yourself apart is your ability to focus on the clients core business process which at some point could involve hardware. If you ask questions such as "What are some of your key corporate initiatives for 2009"? "What challenges are you facing within your business"? These will allow for them to open up. Stay away from speaking about hardware. You will only sound like all the rest of the crowd.  from Larry in Southern Cal

Yes, and yes to the above posts!

I've stepped up my cold calling, returned to my base more often lloking for pain or problems.

I too an trying to stay away from talking about hardware which is hard thing to do.

Instead of handing brcohures or information out in reference to copiers, I am handing EDMS, Print Management and E-Copy related items. from AP in NJ

In all there were about 10 threads related to the topic, if you'd like to read all of the threads, take a trip to the Print4Pay Hotel and become a member of the largest social group of Imaging Professionals in the World!

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