Monday, November 2, 2009

Canon imageRUNNER Advance "Spec Review"

- More tentative details on the new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series of color MFPs:
- Outside of units have new off-white plastic shell called “cashmere beige” (Canon has yet to adopt a darker coloring scheme as most of its competitors have)
- Units have “soft rounded corners” called the “Round Square” design
- Back of copier is now covered and called “omni-directional design”
- Uses recycled plastic in coverings
- Uses 8.4” color LCD touch screen on some models that pulls out, and then tilts downward for Section 508 compliancy.
- Other models use a 10.4” color LCD touch screen on an armature (PRO series only)
- Background of the LCD display can be changed by customer to fit personal preference
- Paper drawers have sensor to detect paper size
- End user must push a button to open paper drawers
- Has Advanced Smoothing Technology (AST) and Super Smoothing Technology (SST) to improve color letters and lines
- Uses fuser belt heated by ceramic element in the fuser section, rather than traditional fuser lamp heating
- Uses “pQ” toner, same pulverized toner technology used in imagePRESS C7000VP
- Document feeder can scan up to 120ppm, and be loaded with up to 300 originals in the C7065 model
- When using the duplex mode, the document feeder can scan both sides of original at same time, at 140ipm top speed full color (70 originals per minute)
- With the C5051 model, top speed when using duplex scan is 100ipm, (50 originals/minute)
- To the left of the LCD control panel, optional IC card reader takes SD memory cards and memory stick media, infrared (IrDA) or cell phone via email text
- When using OCR option, can scan right to MS PowerPoint format or searchable PDF
- Optional hard drive data encryption kit
- Optional Universal Send Expansion Kit for scan to email/LDAP
- Optional PDF Encryption kit
- Optional Web Brower kit
- Optional single or dual line fax boards
- Standard generic print controller offers PCL print driver standard, and Adobe PostScript is an option
- Models from 30ppm to 50ppm, do NOT offer toner on the fly replacement (IR-ADV C5030, C5035, C5045, C5051)
- IR-ADV C7065 and C7055 offer on the fly toner replacement

Note from Art: TBA, waiting to hear from you, anything we missed?

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TBA said...

Yes, a few. And some errors too. But I've been traveling.

If I post them, are you going to edit the original post?

Art Post said...

yup, always looking to have best info & most accurate info possible and you have been a valued contributor!! Kudos.


TBA said...

Here's some comment / corrections.

- Rounded Square vs. Round Square (picky, I know)
- Rear "omni-directional design". Haven't heard of this before. But the rear is more accessible for service persons, with fewer screws and many slot-in features.
- Screen. 10.4 inch is standard on C9000 PRO series; optional on C7000 series (8.4 inch is standard).
- pQ toner - not identical to imagePRESS, but similar. Developed specifically for imageRUNNER ADVANCE.
- Document Feeder. C9000 PRO/C7000 Series- Up to 200/140 IMP in BW/Color. (not just C7065)
- Media Reader. Suports SD card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, and MicroDrive. IrDA / print from cell phone not supported.
- Universal Send is standard, not optional.
- Fax Lines. Not Single / Dual line. Supports up to four fax lines. And Remote Fax (more below)
- Print options. UFRII is standardn not PCL. PCL and PS are separate options (PS formerly required PCL as well). EFI RIPs also available.
- Toner replacement on the fly. *ALL* imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices support toner replacement while the device is operating, not just C7000 series. Includes C9000 Pro, C7000, and C5000 series devices.

- Color. Designed to be soothing and integrate seamlessly into the office environment vs. shouting "I'm here!" It is much darker then previous Canon devices.
- Materials. In addition to recycled plastic, also uses plant-based bio-plastic in some parts for CO2 reduction.
- LCD. In addition to background changes, the number and order of UI buttons displayed can be changed.
- Menus. Now offers Main Menu for applications, and Quick Menu for shortcuts, which can be Shared or Personal.
- Network Fax. iR-ADV devices can use Network Fax, where a fax board(s) is installed in one host iR-ADV, and other client devices on the network send fax traffic through the host. This reduces the cost of phone lines at each device to support fax.
- Advanced Box. A new file sharing / collaboration space that's standard on iR-ADV. Allows for storing of any type of file on the device hard drive, and can be accessed via walk-up or a PC. Basically a networked hard drive. Printable file types can be stored / retrieved from the local panel, and users can link into the Advanced Box of a remote iR-ADV on the network. Co-exists with the familiar Mailbox.
- HDD Backup. Optional Mirroring kit backs up contents of the entire HDD to a second HDD in a RAID 1 backup. If one drive fails, the other immediately takes over with no downtime.
- HDD options. HDDs can be upgraded to larger capacities for more Advanced Box storage.
- Workflow Composer w/ MEAP Connectors. Allows for sending documents to back-end systems with index values, such as Microsoft Sharepoint.
- Contextual Login. Allows for each user to access certain functions based on their login rights, while also allowing for some functions (like copy) to remain open for all users.
- OCR. Scan to PowerPoint format is called OOXML. It creates an editable Powerpoint document.
- Adobe PDF Reader Extentions support. Creates a PDF file from a scan that can be electronically marked up using the free Acrobat Reader. Otherwise, full Acrobat is required at a significant cost per PC.

Art Post said...


That's a fantastic run down on this awesome box!! Kudos

dsi r4 said...

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Keep up the great work, you are providing a great resource on the Internet here!

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
I am facing a problem printing a PPT file from an UFRII driver in iR ADV 5030. The prints come in B/W even after selecting color or the prints end up as error in the job status window. Please suggest.