Monday, May 18, 2009

Xerox ColorQube "Reveal"

Xerox sent out tens of thousands of mailers to prospects this past week to promote its new wax color copier, the ColorQube 9200 series.

Notes:- inside mailer were print samples that showed typical shortcomings of wax prints, including fuzzy photos, and difficulty with fine lines and small text
- apparantly does NOT support coated stocks of any kind (issue with wax adhering to surface)
- note that sometimes banding appears in prints, meaning lines of light color or no color, and end user may choose the “Full Banding Fix” on the control panel, which will take 8 minutes to kick out test pages, and waste wax until complete
- End users are advised not to turn unit off if possible, due to waste of wax, and long warmup times
- End users are advised that if they need to move the unit, they should turn off and wait 30 minutes, so wax cools and hardens and does not splash when unit is moved.
- End users are warned that when replacing the “Cleaning Unit”, it is possible to spill the silicon oil inside, which is used to keep the drum clean
- End users are instructed to remove and replace the waste ink tray, as unit will not operate if it is full

Special thanx to a P4P member who sent me this, I am aware of all of this since it's in the Xerox op manual for the ColorQube. Most importantly is the one that turning "Off" the unit will eat more consumables. Seems to me, it's kinda like ink jet where the ink heads needs to flush.

You can read all of the press releases you want, however you usually don't find this type if info out until you have leased or purchased the system.

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