Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Xerox ColorQube in Review

Xerox ColorQube details:- Xerox apparently offers a service/supply contract with three different click rates:

- “Black Plus Useful Color” which is 1 cent per page, and allows a very small amount of color
- “Everyday Color”, is 3 cents per click, is for low quality color, with a moderate use of color
- “Expressive Color” is 8 cents per click, is for high quality color with photos
- Hewlett Packard launched a similar plan when it unveiled the Edgeline color inkjet copier, with very limited success.
- 100 sheet document feeder with top scan speed of 51opm for color and 75opm for b/w
- Up to 300K/month maximum duty cycle
- Xerox claims that this device has one third the moving parts of a traditional color laser MFP, and therefore should require less service.
- Full color touch screen LCD display control panel on top (not on armature)
- Comes standard with two 550 sheet paper drawers that holds up to 11”x17” paper
- Comes standard with tandem letter size paper drawer that holds up to 2100 sheets
- Comes standard with 100 sheet stack bypass that can hold up to 12”x18”
- Optional LCT holds up to 4,000 sheets
- Maximum paper weight is 220gsm/80lb. cover (can not handle 10pt. postcards)
- Optional fax board
- Built-in print controller features:- 1GHz processor
- 1GB RAM for copier memory
- 512MB RAM printer memory
- 80GB hard drive for spooling
- PCL and PostScript printer drivers
- Scan to SMB, FTP, e-mail, LDAP
- 10/100/1000BaseT & USB ports
- Actual maker unknown
- Xerox EIP for embedded applications
- Finishing options include:
- 100 sheet stapling
- z-fold, c-fold
- post process inserter
- booklet making of 15 sheets maximum
- hole-punching
- Submits meter reads automatically with optional Xerox Smart eSoluitions MeterAssistant
- Optional ID card swipe reader for authentication

Keep in mind that if you visit the Xerox site, there is a disclaimed after the Qube calculator that states that these (cost per page pricing) are representative prices and may not be applicable in your area.

Special thanx to a good P4P'er that sent me this!

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