Monday, January 28, 2013

Print4Pay Hotel Earns More than 1.9 Million....

Print4Pay Hotel Earns More than 1.9 Million ( I wish it were dollars ), page views for 2012!  It was an incredible year of page growth for us and of course we'd like to thank all of our Print4Pay Hotel Members and readers for the continued growth of page views.

January 2013 is also proving to be a banner month with over 175,000 page views for the forums and we may hit 25,000 page views for the blog. We're hoping we can top 2 million page views for 2013.

If you're not familiar with the forums we have two, one is a non secure forum platform and the second is a secure forum platform.  The secure forum platform is specifically designed for people that are in the Imaging Industry, and we offer the secure forums so members can communicate with their peers in the industry.  We offer forums for all of the Imaging Manufacturers along with forums for Managed Print, Document Management, Managed Network Services and many other forums that keep our members up to date with the Imaging Industry.

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