Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Potential Customer Lost is a Prospect Gained!

How long have you been in the business, five years, ten, fifteen, 20 or more years? The cliches never stop do they, one that comes too mind is "what comes around goes around". For those of us who have been in the business a long time, we've seen it all, new tactics get old and old tactics get new again.

Do you remember the name of the prospect of the name of the company for your first sale? How bout the first deal you lost? sorry to say, I can't remember any of them!

How did you first schedule your appointments? I can remember getting a Doctors appointment book to write down the locations, appointment times, directions, things to do and phone numbers. As the days turned into months and the months turned to years I would find myself getting another appointment book for every year. After about four years I realized that could go back and review the accounts that I didn't sell and contact them again for the potential upgrade, gee wasn't that smart of me to keep those books.

These days most of us keep our
appointments, contacts and lists of things in our CRM programs, the beloved appointment book is goner.

It's a fact that most of us will lose more deals than we sell, you can't sell everyone right? Well, that may be an understatement, how many us of actually track the deals that we lose. Meaning, you didn't get the sale, you know the competitor that you lost to and you know the terms of the deal, and most likely the purchase price that the buyer committed to.

A little of bit of "extra" tracking can go along way if you commit to scheduling call backs for the accounts that you lost. Heck, if you know they signed a 36 month lease why let them go and never contact them again. You already have the name of Mr. or Mrs. right, the make and model number of the system, plus the volume, plus they know you!

Put your lost deals back in your CRM software and schedule a follow up call for 18 months, then 24 months, and then 30 months on a 36 month lease. You can spread the time a little further for the 60 month leases, try getting back in touch with them at 30 months and then every six months thereafter.

Customers lost, can be a customer gained down the road. Think of it this way, the rep that they did business with is no longer with the Direct Branch or Dealership and yup you're still there working for the same company. This can go along way with the prospect and proves that you're successful and that you could be a very reliable resource for them.

Another thought would be to keep them on a mail or email list and send them something every six months or so. With so many dealers diversifying into Managed Services, it's a good chance you'll be able to bring that part of business to the table.

A customer lost is a prospect gained!

If anyone has any additional comments, we'd love to hear them.

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