Monday, January 21, 2013

Ricoh MPCW220SP Scanner Reveal

Within a few days Ricoh will be launching the new Ricoh CW2200SP wide format system.  For those of us that sell Savin, Lanier and Ricoh wide format, we've been waiting a long time for a color wide format multifunctional system that will copy, print and scan.

The CW2200SP will be Ricoh's first attempt at their own color wide format system,  they've had the piezo ink technology for quite some time however it was limited to their Gelsprinter line of color ink printers.

I was going to do a spec review, however I changed my mind and wanted point out what's unique and special in reference to the scanning function of this system.

Scan2 features:

If you're familiar with scanning on Ricoh MFP devices, then you're in luck, all of the functionality of scanning from Ricoh's popular MFP's has been adopted with the CW2200SP.

You'll be able to perform walk up on-the-fly color scan2email, just enter a users email address, you can also add a cc: a bcc:, a subject line and even a message (the large color screen will turn into a qwerty keyboard for easy typing), with a touch of the button the wide format document will be scanned and attached as a .pdf.

If you're not interested in color scan2email, you can adopt the color scan2folder. Just setup a folder on any ones PC, or you can even set up folders on your server.  With the AEC (Architects, Engineers, Construction)  industry you can set multiple folders maybe one for proposals, specs, bids, etc.

How about color scan2cloud, yup I've tested Ricoh MFP's with scan2dropbox and it works very well, you might even want to think about getting a middleware product like UDOCX for scanning to
sharepoint or MS 365.

An additional nice feature is
the ability to scan2sdcard and scan2usb memory, it's all about ease of use.

Standard Scan Features:

The rated speed for black scanning @ 600 dpi is 3.14 ips (inches per second) and 600 dpi color at 1.05 ips, thus a 36 inch black wide format drawing will scan in about 12 seconds, and a color 36 inch drawing will scan in under 36 seconds.  Keep in mind that these are for 600 dpi scans. Scanning at a lower resolution will increase speeds.

Some additional unique features is Image Rotation (used in conjunction with Auto Paper Select users the CW2200SP will rotate scanned images to match the orientation of the installed paper roll), SADF/Batch Mode and Mixed Size Mode.

Scan Modes: 

Scan in Black for text/line art, text, text/photo or grayscale. Full color scanning will allow for text/photo and photo/mode.

All in all Ricoh brings the best of their MFP scan set features to the new CW2200SP system.  In my next blog we'll go over printing, copy and a host of features that should make the Ricoh CW2200SP a viable alternative for an MFP when low volume wide format color print, color copy and color scan is need.

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