Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top 20 "MFP Solution Blogs" for 2012

So another year is at hand, last year our MFP Solutions Blog was averaging 14-15,000 page views per month.  This year thanx to all of our readers we've increased to 19-20,000 page views per month! Your comments, emails and page views are appreciated and for all of you P4P'ers out there I've got some special enhancements to the Print4Pay Hotel forums planned for 2013.

These Blogs garnered the most page views in 2012, if you haven't read them, please take the time to check out the links. (not in any order)

10 Awesome Tips for a Great MFP/Copier Demo (4,100 views)
Ricoh MPC4502 Series MFP Review (3,755 views)
The Death of The Direct Copier Channel? (2,912 views)
Copier & MFP Industry in Turmoil... the Final Five! (2,832 views)
Top 5  (#2) Solutions/Products at BTA East Grand Slam Event (1,524 views)
WTF, Memjet Partners with Fuji/Xerox, Canon/Oce  (1,392 views)
Selling Copiers & MFP's "Color Cost Page for 2 Cents" (1,326 views)
Top 19 Old Copier Manufacturers that FADED Away! (1,243 views)
Ricoh  "Where's the ICE"? (1,138 views)
KYOTIER Hybrid Color 3-tier Cost Per Page Pricing tool (1,051 views)
MFP Wars "The Final 5 Prophecy" Sharp is... (1,034 views)
Ricoh MP 301SPF Review (1,997 views)
Document Management can be a strange word for Copier Reps (1,936 views)
10 Phone Cold Calling Tips for Copiers & MFP's (1,908 views)
Oce is to CBS as Ikon is to RBS. True or not True (1,848 views)
Ricoh Americas is now Soliciting Dealer Accounts? (1,837 views)
Top 7 Solutions @ Transform 2012 Conference "Intellinetics @ #1  (1,801 views)
5 Tips for newbie Copier MFP Sales Reps (1,794 views)
Top 7 Solutions @ Transform 2012 ESP @ #3 (1,888 views)
Copiers & MFP's "The Hidden Cost of Staples" (1,654 views)

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