Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Phone Cold Calling Tips for Copiers & MFP's

It's getting late and I need to get though this for everyone.  After 30 years of calling for appointments some would say I'm an expert and just like in the other blog I wrote, naw I'm no expert I've just gotten beat up so many times that I've learned well.... a lot.  Below are the tips and I hope they work for everyone too.

1. Don't slouch when you're on the phone,  keep a good posture and good position to the phone so your voice is clean.

2. Have a great attitude even if your dog got run over in the morning by a bus, just kidding attitude is so important, enthusiasm is contagious and by being upbeat you'll come across as a pro.

3.  Get rid of the ums and ahs, have planned script and memorize it so you don't studder.

4. Always be prepared to talk to Mr. or Mrs. Right, it's not often that we get through however if you do, you'll want to put your best foot forward!

5.  Break the ice with the gate keeper, remember you're not the only one making sales calls, and the gate keepers job is not to let you through, however you can break the ice by mentione what a nice or lousy day it is and make sure you get the name of the gate keeper for future calls. If the company has a long name you can also state "Wow, that's a lot to get through and it was a great job".  More often than not over time you maybe able to develop a rapport with the gate keeper.

6. We all know this one, calling before the gate keeper gets in the office (meaning before 8AM or after 5PM).

7. If you're stuck in address book and you're tried to get to Mr. or Mrs. Right and it's gotten you no where, then dial any extension and when someone picks up tell them you dialed the wring extension and ask to be transferred to the Mr. or Mrs. Right, in some cases the call looks like an internal call and can get answered by you know who!

8. Pick up the phone on Saturday (OMG, did I say Saturday), yup Saturday and sometimes you'll get lucky and have Mr. or Mrs Right answer the phone. Remember "The hardier you work the luckier you get".

9. In some cases I will send a mailer first, and then an email (if I can get it) and then I'll make the call.  Kinda prepares Mr. or Mrs. Right and if interested they will take your call.

10. Making 50 calls a week is a hobby (wonder where I hear that), we need to make as many as we can. This is not easy but we need to remember that ours is a numbers game and we need to roll through the dials. If you can get em done 100 calls a week or more should be the norm.

Bonus! 11. Don't BS the gate keeper always remain courteous and thoughtful of their job, on a few occasions gate keepers have actually stated that my call was the most polite sales call they have had in awhile!

It's not easy, but it's not that hard either, yes there is a lot rejection, voice mail, not interested, hang ups, LMTFA but it's part of what we do.  Above all have fun with the calls!! 

-=Good Selling=-

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