Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top 7 Solutions @ Transform 2012 ESP @ #3

I really feel that we're hitting the sweet spot with some of the recent solutions we've blogged about.  I'm a BIG fan of new products, services, and technologies that can get the final result.... a sale.  Every customer is different and you never knows what can turn them on.  Even a back door solution could get you in the "in" that you need and could lead to tremendous opportunities down the road.

White at the Photizo's Global Transform MPS Conference in Orlando I came across and exciting product and solution from ESP (Electronic Systems Protection).  Basically what ESP has combines power protect with and energy management solution that will allow salespeople to improve their sales strategies, reduce end users costs and sell sustainable solutions to their customers.

I'll give you all a short story from many years ago, when I had my own dealership we were a Copystar copier dealer, Mitsubishi fax dealer and a Brother dealer for faxes, typewriters and word processors.  I can't tell you how many times I back doored into an account with a word processor or typewriter and ended up getting the copier business.  The same thing....

The same thing can happen with this solution, everyone who's selling MPF's is basically using the same talk track such as imaging, lower print costs, reducing costs through by rightsizing their imaging systems, or just plain upgrading systems. Over the years the Managed Print talk track was successful because it was a different message to CEO's and CFO's.  Pretty much the ESP eCommand Center can offer a new talk track that resonates with CEO's and CFO's.  You can know offer for FREE or charge for a Professional Energy Consumption Analysis!  Now that's a horse of a different color and is unique as the horse that changed color in the Wizard of Oz.  Surely a talk track built around this unique product and service will get appointments.

While I'm not an expert with the system yet, I'll re-post some of the information for the ESP's eCommand Center for everyone.

Differentiates Your Services:  (this is the coolest):
Provides a unique sales differentiators and sales talk track highlighting real energy consumption costs savings and environmental sustainability. The eCommand Center can also be used to test competitors devices, prove cost savings and differentiate technology upgrades.  (Psssst....thinking about being a Managed Service Provider, if so this is right up your alley, while at the Photizo Global Transform Show Ricoh was very interested in this.)

Improves Profitability: (gotta love profit right?)
  • Provides a real alternative to equipment sales discounting that destroys margins
  • Enables Dealerships to charge for Professional Services and installation associated with with system capabilities
  • Protects your sales commissions and margins while strengthening your competitiveness and differentiating your product offerings.
For the Dealers that want to strengthen or enable a Managed Service offering the eCommand Center can be a cornerstone of your product offerings, really who's not interested in saving energy costs or may have the need to enhance their green initiatives.

For additional information take a trip to ESP, for those of you who are Print4Pay Hotel members I'll be uploading all of the documents and video's that I have on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.

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