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Ricoh SPC831DN Print Shop in a Box "The Reveal"

A few years ago when Ricoh introduced the Ricoh SPC811DN, I dubbed that printer as a "print shop in a box".

Funny that Xante is now using the same line with the their new color laser envelope press named IMPRESSA which happens to be OEM'd by Ricoh.  I'm guessing Xante may be ending the relationship with Okidata?  If that's the case I can see why, I've seen two placements of Xante's Illumina (Okidata engine) and both print shops abandoned the systems because they couldn't find a reliable service organization to service the product properly. Enough on Xante.

I fell in love with the first generation model which was the Ricoh C811DN and then the second gen which was the Ricoh C821DN and I'm thinking the Ricoh C831DN will be the color laser printer of choice where users need excellent quality, variety of media than can be used, reliability and backed by a powerful dealer service network.

Actually there are two models to choose from, the SPC830DN (45 page per minute print speed) and the SPC831DM (55 page per minute print speed).  To keep this simple we're going to concentrate on the specs for the Ricoh SPC831DN.

The Specs at a Glance:

  • 55 page per minute print speed for black and color
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM & 250GB Hard Drive
  • Standard Auto Duplexing (two sided printing)
  • 1,200 sheet paper supply with two trays @ 550 sheets and one tray @ 100 sheets
  • 4.3 inch color touch screen display
  • Warm up 25 seconds or less
  • Max DPI resolution is 1200x1200
  • Standard Adobe PS 3, PDF Direct Print, PCL6 and PCL 5. Optional IPDS
  • 12x18 media through the by-pass and 12" x 49.6" for banners

These are just a few of the standard specs, you'll also be able to print from your android or apple device within your network. Thus, you'll be able to print all of those cute pictures you have on your smart phone or ipad or iphone.  Believe it or not I was not a fan of printing from my phone, I just couldn't see the forest through the trees.  It wasn't until we hooked one of these up in the office that I figured out why printing from your own device was becoming so popular.  I was able to print pictures of my dog, my cat, my house, my vacation which all used an incredible amount of toner. 

The Ricoh SPC831DN has some impressive paper feed options also:
  • 2,000 sheet large capacity tray (accepts letter size only)
  • Paper Feed unit with 2 X550 sheet paper trays (accepts letter to ledger)
  • 1,200 sheet side large paper tray (accepts letter only)
  • Cabinet for paper and supply storage (used only with stand base system)
  • 550 sheet paper tray (accepts letter to ledger) used in conjunction with caster table
Since the standard system comes with a 1,200 sheet paper capacity if you wanted to max the unit out for paper capacity you would add the 2,000 large capacity tray and the 1,200 sheet side tray.  Thus, you would be able to max the paper capacity out with 4,400 sheets of paper.

The Ricoh SPC831DN scores well with finishing options too:
  • 2,000 sheet booklet finisher with 2/3 hole punch option
  • 3,000 sheet finisher with optional 2/3 hole punch option
  • Jogger unit (which taps pages in the 3,000 sheet finisher shift tray.  So if you're in need of doing some off line binding, the jogger unit is a must!
  • 4 Bin Mail box will add four additional outsource trays for prints, this feature allows users to print to their own paper exit tray.
You'll also be able to print from SD cards and USB thumb drives.

Think about this:

There's many more features which I'll go over in another blog, but to all of us that sell these devices there's something bigger and better about this system.  Think about this,you're in a new account, the new account wants a color MFP.  Think....why do they want a color MFP?  Could it be that they are not sure what they need but was told that they need a color MFP, well...maybe.  You can set your self apart from the competition by further defining their needs.   

If I'm in a competitive situation I will ask additional questions like, do you need to scan 11x17, do you need to copy 11x17, do you need to copy in color, what is your volume for black and color, if all four of these questions get a no, I'll then ask what type of documents are you  looking to print in color (please show me), and then ask the same about the black and white documents. What I'm getting at is that if I ask the right questions I can further define the customers needs and I may find out that placing an A4 black MFP and the Ricoh SPC831DN is a better fit for the customer.  Thus, we'll have a better financial package for them along with redundancy with two units!

Check out the recent spec review for the Ricoh SP8300DN also.

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