Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ricoh Color SPC831DN "Top Ten Features"

In last weeks blog on the Ricoh SP831DN we focused on hardware specs, this week we'll tell you more about some of the awesome print features that come with the Ricoh SP831DN Color Printer.

Printer driver features is not something you can learn from reading the brochure, nor when you are looking the printer up on line to review pricing. Most end users and sales people ignore the awesome printer driver features and options that are included with laser printers. Thus a customer could purchase a laser printer and never be aware of the advanced printer driver features/functionality that are available, and some of these features are capable of improving business process and cutting costs.

Top Ricoh SP831DN Printer Driver Features:

  1. Black Over Print: Black over print is available to enhance the quality of  text and black images  printed on colored backgrounds. Think of it this way, the color image is printed first and then the black text and graphics is printed last, thus this will prevent blurred text or haloing with the final rendering.
  2. CMYK Simulation Profile: When using the Ricoh Postscript 3 driver, you can turn on US Offset Print CMYK Simulation Profile which enables a color profile that closely reproduces colors that are used with ink based commercial offset printing in the US. Even though this feature will simulate SWOP (Simulated Web Offset Printing) it is genuine SWOP an is not supported.  When I've used this feature with other print devices I've found that it gives you an additional way to reproduce or come close to the colors of your choice.
  3. Pantone Support: I'm not going to get to in depth here, basically there are more than 3,000 PANTONE colors, the Ricoh can reproduce 1,089 of those colors, go here for more information.
  4. Sample/Locked/Hold/Stored Print:  With sample print you can select the printer to print 500 pages and then select the sample print, the first page or the first document will print as a sample and the rest of the print job is held at the printer awaiting your instructions to continue is the print is acceptable.  Locked print enable you to send a print job to the printer along with a pin code, the print job will not release until you walk to the printer and enter the pint code.  Hold print is cool also, this enables you to print the file and hold a copy on the hard drive for 24 hours (I think) that you can reprint from the printer menu.  Stored print will do the same as "hold" except the print job is held on the hard drive of the printer. Note:  I'm trying to find more about the these features and see if there is a time limit, please feel free to comment
  5. Scheduled Print: It's about time for this feature, you can send the file to printer and designate the time that you want the file to print.
  6. 1200x1200 dpi: Need I say more, 1200 lines of 1200 dots in one square inch
  7. Ricoh Print Driver: Set quantities for up to 999 pages or sets, select output for color or black, designate page ranges to print, orientation, collation, bookletmaking, hole punching, duplexing (two sided print), user code for each job, watermarks, control print resolution, smoothing, dithering, manage paper types, paper sources, covers and much more.
  8. Edge to Edge Printing: Is possible when you print on 12x18 paper and then cut the paper to 11x17
  9. Envelope Support:  For me this is the feature set I like most, envelopes are supported to feed from the by-pass tray and the paper trays.  With a print speed of 55pages per minute, PANTONE color support and CMYK simulation profile. I can position this as mini envelope press.  Matter of fact I just emailed myself a reminder on this.
  10. Optional IPDS Host Print: Intelligent Printer Data Stream, I borrowed this from my Ricoh notes: Ricoh engineers have developed an IPDS data stream conversion tool that stores all the software necessary to transform EBICDIC host print data into ASCII data. The code is installed and embedded into the printer controller via SD Card. This allows the Ricoh SP C830DN/SP C831DN to accept data directly from IPDS-based AS/400 systems; no"print box" or external server is required.
All in all, I expect this printer to play an important part in my overall image strategy when consulting with clients about imaging devices.  The SP831DN printer allows end users and imaging sales professionals to be more creative in their deployments of imaging devices.

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