Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muratec MFX-2590 Spec Review "Gotta Get Me One of These"

This will be somewhat of a cut and paste from a previous blog I did labeled "The Hottest Little MFP from Texas".  A few weeks ago I attended the BTA East Grand Slam event in White Plains, NY.  I recommend dealers and sales people find a way to get to these events in your area, they are awesome, plus you get to win stuff. Dang, I even won stuff!

Muratec America showed the MFX-2590, to tell you the truth it's been some time since I got hyped about an A4 MFP (by the way maybe we can change the MFP to MFC since it is a Multifunctional Copier), but the MFX-2590 had some of the features that I've been asking for, it's like Muratec America must have been reading my mind or probably just reading the MFP Solutions blog.

In the previous blog, I spoke about the over sized large color screen, scan2print, scantag, and the single pass dual scan document feeder.  Yup, I was impressed.  But there are many other features that I didn't blog about. So with out further ado, I'd like to go through some of these for everyone.

Printing Highlights:
  • Standard Duplex Print (two sided printing), with the average cost of a sheet of paper now approaching a penny a sheet, two sided printing can cut your paper costs by up to 50%.
  • Secure Print will hold the document in the MFX-2590's memory and allows you to go the device and enter a pin code to release your document, will keep prying eyes away from our P & L's
  • Print documents that are stored on a USB drive, this is a great feature to have. Think about this, a salesperson comes into your office, and needs to print a presentation or a document, are you really going to let them on your network?  The USB drive allows for visitors to print from their USB drive without logging on to your network.
  • Optional bar code printing, years ago in order to print bar codes you needed to invest in dedicated printing hardware.  Look around you'll see bar codes all over from hospitals, mail rooms, grocery stores and manufacturing plants. The need to print bar codes is an essential need in most companies.
  • Copy and Print on Demand, the MFX-2590 allows you to copy or print documents to the MFX-2590's hard drive. Once on the drive you have a digital library of those much needed documents. No more scouring the PC or the filing cabinet to find those docs, leave them on the MFX-2590 for easy access.  This feature will also lower your print costs due to the fact that when a document is printed from the PC/Workstation it is usually printed to a local printer. These local (network) printers have a high cost per page, thus printing then from MFX-2590 will lower costs!
Scanning Highlights:

  • Scan in color @ 600x600% dpi and scan two sided documents at 62 images per minute. 62 images per minute is an excellent value for the Muratec MFX-2590, usually you won't get this through put speed unless you move to a more expensive system.
  • Scan2folder, Scan2Email, Scan2USB Drive
  • Mixed Broadcast which is a novel idea, even in this day and age there are many users that may require documents to be sent to the fax system. With the Muratec MFX-2590 you can set up a mixed broadcast to email addresses and fax numbers.  BTW the address book will hold up to 2,000 address for fax, email and groups.
  • ScanTag will enable users maximize their document management investments by enabling the decentralized capture and indexing of documents into a wide variety of document management systems.
  • LAN Fax with a twist, of course you can fax from any PC (thus you don't have to print the document and send), but the twist is the fact that you'll be able to route faxes to another fax location, email address, pc folder and Multiple Fax Forwarded locations can be enabled based on specific numbers, area codes, etc.
  • Your system administrator will also be able to archive all in-bound and out-bound communications including both fax, and email to create and audit trail of the documents.  Great for SOX and HIPPA.
  • ID Card Copy which means you when you have to copy the front and the back of the ID card, you will get both images on the same side of paper.
  • Scan Image Preview allows you to preview the scanned document before you send it to the server or the cloud.
  • 80 page document feeder, unheard of for an A4 product with this speed, awesome value.
  • Shift Sort tray, allows you to offset each document when copying or printing multiple sets.
Even though I don't sell the Muratec MFX-2590, I would not want to have to comepete against it.  The system has many "lock out" features such as ScanTag, Scan2print, Audit Trail for faxes and eamils, and Mixed Broadcast. But then there's the sizzle of scanning 62 images per minute, oversized Color LCD display, 80 page document feeder, and ID copy.

To sum it up "Tremendous Value and Bang for the Buck", when compared to similar priced A4 MFP's

-=Good Selling=-

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