Sunday, September 9, 2012

Church Leasing a Copy Machine in Central New Jersey

Just this week I was able to help a New Jersey Bayshore Church that was shopping for a Ricoh Copier (multifunctional system).  As with many churches the economy has taken it's toll with lower donations, and higher operating costs. 

The current scenario found the Church with an outdated PC (which they owned), that was slow, and working with an outdated Operating System along with outdated Microsoft Office Applications.  The Church also had an existing copier lease that had nine payments remaining, the copier at the New Jersey Church was performing ok but it was evident that they could benefit from a new system that would offer them color scanning, scan2dropbox, scan2officedrop, scan2email, OCR and fillable forms. Th fillable forms turned out to be a BIG thing, each year the church would upload the new CCD forms to their web site, from there the parishioners would be able to download the forms, fill them out and then return them to the church.  When the office staff reviewed these forms they had to muddle through the handwriting on the forms, granted that 80% of the forms were legible but there were many forms that required a phone call to the parishioner to validate a name, phone number and or birth date.

A great feature that came with the Ricoh copier was the ability for the Church to create a .pdf fillable form from a word document and then upload that document to the web site. Thus when the parishioner opened the document they were able to type the required information on the form, then print the form for delivery or even email the form to the Church staff.  The end result was neater forms, and less call backs for unreadable information.

Even though the software that came with the Ricoh copier was helpful,  the Church had also expressed that they could not pay anymore than what they were already paying on a monthly basis.  I had my homework cut out for me.

After reviewing their maintenance and supply costs, and the monthly lease cost we were able to put a package together that include a new DellOptiex PC, Mircrosoft Office Professional, and a new Ricoh SP5210SR multifunctional copier that included delivery, installation of the Ricoh copier, and installation of the Dell OptiPlex PC.  The cost?  The cost per month was the same as the current copier lease (zero increase in cost), the benefit was new equipment, time saving software and a new PC with all of the extras that they were hoping for.

If you're shopping for a new Ricoh copier in New Jersey, or you may need some new PC's, IT support or Managed Network Services. We'd like to speak to with you to present our award winning New Jersey support and to see if we can lower your total cost of operation.

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