Monday, September 3, 2012

Ricoh New MP6002, 7502, 9002 "Print Features Reveal"

Last week I posted Ricoh MP6002, 7502, 9002 series "Scanner Reveal" , this week we're going to cover some of the exciting new print features for the Ricoh MP 6002SP, 7502SP and the MP9002SP, keep in mind that these light production systems can also be purchased with out the network print and scan. 

Tip:  If you really want to know what a system can and can't do, go to the manufacturers web site and download a copy of the operators manual.  I've won a few deals because I pointed or specific advantages that I had over another product, showing the end user prints/copies from the manufacturers owners manual will provide proof that you are speaking without forked tongue.

Here's a few hardware print specs for review:

  • 250GB Hard Drive
  • Integrated USB 2.0 Type A port and SD card slot
  • System Memory = 1.5GB
  • Print Controller = Celeron M @ 1 Ghz
  • PDF Direct Kit
  • Print from USB & SD card slot
  • Up to 1200x1200 dpi
  • Optional Adobe PSIII Genuine
  • Optional Parallel, Gigabit, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • Optional Genuine IPDS
  • FPOT (First Print Out) MP6002SP = 3.9 seconds, MP7502SP = 3.2 seconds, MP9002SP = 2.9 seconds
  • USB 2.0 Type B High Speed
  • USB 2.0 Type A High Speed (used to connect external devices such as card reader, keyboard or Bluetooth
  • Standard HDD Encryption  & DOSS
What I like:

Quota Setting Account Limit:  Here you can set copy and print limits for individuals or groups, if a limit is reaching during a copy or print job the system can allow the user to finish he current job.  I guess the thinking on this is that users might not abuse the system and make them more aware of how many prints they are producing.

Enhanced Media Print:  Allows the user to preview files and choose print settings when printing from portable media.  I've stated this before, the last thing a customer wants is someone coming into and office with their own notebook, connecting to the network, and thus contracting a virus.  The previewing of the files also add some extra sizzle to the demonstration, and makes it much easier to locate the file you need to print.

Auto Job Promotion: We've all seen and done it, we forget to select the right paper size or the media type and we have to go to the system remove the media, and then reset the system. In the meantime no other user can have a job print.  The Auto Job Promotion steps and parks the job in a hold que, thus allowing other jobs to print.

Scheduled Print:  Pick a time, any time (24 hours) and your job will print. Think, if you have a 100 page manual you can set it print at night and pick the print job up in the AM.

Layout and Booklet Print:  At last, at last, the system will be able to print a booklet from MAC!  Layout will allow you to produce multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

Mobile Print:  With you're own network you'll know be able to print from your Android, Blackberry, and iPhone/iPad.  I'm hoping that these systems come out of the box this way and no firmware upgrades are needed.

Banner Page Print:  At first I thought yea, we'll print banners, well not so fast.  Banner page print means that the system will print a sheet of paper between print jobs that will identify each print job.  Items such as user, time, date and file name will appear on the banner page.

Mandatory Security Information Print:  Big Brother is always watching....this feature forces printing of user ID and device data on the Print, Copy, Fax and Document Server.  This way if you leave a document in the office, management can tell who generated that document.  Dam,  don't want to print a customer list and leave that hanging around the office.  This is a nice talk track when speaking with the owner/CFO/CIO of the company.

Even tough these last two features are cool, wouldn't you rather be able to set up print rules for everyone?  Or how about getting a report every month that tells you who printed what document and when they printed it. Print Audit offers a comprehensive print management program that is a MUST for every company that has a fleet of system that need to be maintained, monitored and cost justified.

There's also the hold print, locked print, sample print, letterhead mode and a unique services offering of Device Manager NX Pro (more on this in another blog).

Here's What I Would like to have seen:

  • A feature of program that will tell me what the coverage of toner is on a specific document, meaning you could scan the page and then on that page the system would tell you what the percentage of black coverage is.
  • A list generated from the print menu that will show the files names of the last 50 documents that were printed along with user ID.
  • A detailed report from the MFP that would give monthly and quarterly print/copy/fax and scan volume reports from the day of inception. 
All in all the new light production series from Ricoh seems to finally catch up to the rest of the pack. 

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