Sunday, September 9, 2012

1 of 3 Nice Sales I had from Last Week

Last week I had the chance to visit one of my favorite Architects in New Jersey.  It was that time again and he was interested in upgrading his present leased Ricoh Color Copier/Printer/Scanner for something newer.

I don't like to release the names of my accounts so we'll use Bill for the name of the Architect.

Bill had some unique needs for a new color multifunctional copier.  For years Ricoh has had a feature in their multifunctional copiers called the "Document Server".  The Document Server is a partition on the hard drive of the multifunctional copier that allows users to scan and print documents to that portion of the hard drive.  You also have the ability to name the document, name the user and password protect the document.  The main benefit to the end user is that these documents now reside at the copier for easy re-print access, plus you can embed features like folding, stapling and magazine.

Bill has this unique need that most his documents were hand created renderings of visual concepts that he as working on.  Thus, the ability for the Ricoh multifunctional copiers to store and reprint these at any time enabled Bill to reprint the documents with the correct finishing applications for each visual concept.

Bill was also a MAC user, thus he was excited to hear that he would be able to print from his network to his iPhone and iPad without any additional cost.  The icing on the cake was the new booklet feature for MAC users, yes now MAC users are can print booklets to the Ricoh Color Multifunctional Copier for the first time! Before, Bill had to scan his hand created visual renderings to the document server and then have them print in a booklet format. 

Thus the new Ricoh MPC3502SPF was quite the buy for him,  with architects TIME is money, and the new Ricoh MPC3502 will save him many hours per month to work on additional projects and or create additional visuals renderings that may help him get additional projects this year.

If you're an architect and you're shopping for a new copier in New Jersey or if you're looking to lease or buy a new copier in New Jersey.  Please feel free to give m a call 732.977.1211 and see if I maybe able to help you increase your efficiencies, lower your total cost of operation or help with a placing a new wide format copier system for your architectural firm in New Jersey.

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