Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why RFP for Copiers don’t work anymore. Who’s buying just copiers?

Vince McHugh is our guest blogger for this month and he kinda doesn't know it yet!  Vince McHugh has been a Valued Premium Member of the Print4Pay Hotel forums for some time now.  Along with that he also has a blog where he enlightens end users and those of us in the indsutry with some great articles.  Please read his blog below and please make sure you click through to his blog at the end for the remaining article.

Actually if all your company needs is a “copy Machine” then an RFP (Request for Proposal) WILL work for your company.

But when was the last time your company or organization purchased a “Copy Machine” – a machine that JUST MADE COPIES?

Don’t you buy MFDs or even Smart MFDs? Do they Scan, Print, and do Network Faxing? Are you leveraging the power of your Smart MFDs by loading software on them that extends and enhances their capabilities to connect into your network infrastructure or back end servers? If not than you are missing out on the REAL SAVINGS that a Smart MFD can bring to your company. Have you ever heard the phrase “strain at a gnat, but swallow a camel” that describes the process as it relates to a traditional copier RFP. Because the focus is on trying to make all of your vendors look exactly alike, so you can force the cheapest price for the dumb down comparison that the RFP requires. There is a better way to do an RFP.

If you work in purchasing and you are responsible for the “Copier RFP” and your biggest concern is replacing like for like features (50ppm and duplexing) at the cheapest price then you really need to update your process, and broaden the input you receive from other departments like IT, Compliance, Governance, Security, and Operations. If you don’t get their input as to what they need then you will buy the cheapest “copy machines” that will NOT meet any of these departments needs, so they will need to go out and purchase other devices that will cost your company more than necessary because your Copier RFP did not consider their needs. Or worse yet, you actually thwart their projects or requirements because the bargain copiers you bought can’t do what they need.
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Anonymous said...

Amen brother. But I am close to releasing an RFP that can be used by all public/education/non-profits across the U.S. and thankfully because of my background in IT and years of research I too understand the needs of not only my organization but all organizations today. I see the potential in each MFD and have ensured that potential is unleashed through software solutions. So I agree with you, don't waste your time writing your own RFP ride/use an existing RFP that has carefully taken into consideration your needs from a simple digital duplicator to a world-class enterprise fully managed MFD solution leveraging the full capabilities of every digital function print/copy/scan/fax.