Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ricoh Adds Wide Format Color "OMG not the gel"

I'll make this one pretty quick.  I was alerted to an email that Ricoh unveiling a unique four-colour wide format printer and giving demonstrations at Drupa 2012.  I posted the press release here Ricoh Adds Colour to Its Wide Format Portfolio.

I'm all for new products, I've still got my feet on the street and since Epson 7700 and 9700 is now being sold by others (this was exclusive to Ricoh for awhile), well we need something we can call our own, right?

Take a look at the picture on the left, this thing is ugly! right!

About two years ago, I was able to see samples from the wide format gelsprinter and was asked to rate the color samples for Ricoh.  I'm sure I was not the only one, but with my experience in wide format it was my pleasure.  I asked about the print technology as was politely told that the technology was still under wraps.  The print quality?  It was actually very good from what I saw.

Anyway, back to this new wide format Gelsprinters.  I like Ricoh products, well most of them....except for the Gelsprinters.  About three years ago I sold 35-50 of them in one year.  They were fast, had large ink cartridges, decent quality and the printers were inexpensive!  I had one myself, and then I had two and finally three. In all 3 I got the system error 0999 code (which basically means a maintenance kit is required), to this day I think there maybe two or three left that are still running. One account had the system error code in every printer (not all at once but over time).

What's my point? From what I read this new Ricoh Aficio™ MP CW2200SP is using the same print technology.  I can only pray that these systems will run much better than the gelsprinters that I'm accustom to.

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