Thursday, March 22, 2012

Servicing Copiers & MFP's "Retain Customers with Excellent Service"

I started in the industry as a copier technician, well kinda. After 90 days I had a review and the owner of the company told me I did a great job at taking the machines apart, however not so good a job at putting them back together. Thus was the beginning of my sales career.

But I'd like to talk more about the guys and gals that keep the copier systems running for me.

These are the service engineers that have to be polite and hear comments like "Oh, the copiers broken again", or "You're here so much we might as well put you on the payroll", "You're here again" as they walk past you snickering. Being a copier Service Engineer is not a glamour job, but you do get the chance to be out of the office and some of the systems will pose a challenge and I guess there is a reward when you fix the system and it's your expertise that enables the system to run well.

I for one can appreciate how hard they work and what they have to put up with on a daily basis. They have to deal with some unpleasant customers at times, field questions from sales people (yeah they call us the dummies), make sure the correct parts are ordered, follow up, diagnose issues, manage calls and answer to the Service Manager, plus do six or seven calls a day, while always being on the road (that's a chore in itself). Some Service Engineers are now even tracked by GPS, so the company knows where they are at all times. Oh, thank goodness I'm not being tracked!!

The Service Engineers (I hate calling them techs) that service the systems in my territory are great. They are great to the customers, and they are extremely knowledgeable in their field. Lets face it after the machine is sold, who sees the customer more often that the technicians. I have a team that will bend over backwards to keep our customers satisfied! Customers will perceive your company by the expertise and professionalism your Service Engineers.

My guys are always watching my back, and keeping tabs on the customer and informing me if some customers maybe having some difficult issues.
So, if you're a Service Engineer in the copier business, my hats off to you. You guys and gals have to deal with a lot of stuff, while still maintaining your composure and professionalism. Those of us in sales would not be able to get repeat sales if it weren't for you.

Here's one of my favorites for copier repairs reads (I pretty sure it was posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums:

When the office photo-copies began to look faint, the office manager had the receptionist call in a local repair service.

The friendly technician, after inspecting the equipment, informed the receptionist that the machine was only in need of a good cleaning. The copier tech suggested that someone might try just reading the operator's manual and perform the job themselves, since it would cost much if he did the work.

The receptionist said she would relay this info back to the office manager, but she was truly surprised by his candor so she asks, "Does your boss know you are discouraging business?"

"Actually, my boss demands we explain this to all our customers," he replies to the receptionist. With a wink he adds, " Anyway, after people try first to fix things themselves, we end-up making much more money on repairs."

-=Good Servicing & Selling=-

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msaeger said...

And if you want good service sell people the right machine for their needs! I see so many people with issues we can't fix because they should have been sold something else.