Saturday, March 3, 2012

Canon & Oce "Was this a good deal or a not so good deal?"

Back in January of last year (2011) I posted a poll on the blog titled Canon & Oce "Was this a good deal or a not so good deal?" It's been  a little over a year and I thought it's time to close the poll and start a new one.

Since I'm not that well connected with Canon and Oce I can only report on what is posted on the Print4Pay Hotel forums and what people have emailed me.  I've read threads on the forums that suggest OCE is practicing the art of "dumping" MFP systems (not production print systems) at ridiculous prices here in the US. In some cases Canon dealers with the same box have not been able to match pricing or won't match pricing (I can't blame them for that).  Oce unlike Ikon has it's own product line of Production Print systems, I was able to see one of these systems in action a few weeks ago at an in plant facility. The system was astounding, using large rolls of paper and processing speeds of 800 - 1,425 images per minute.  I guess when you use roll paper you don't process speed by pages but by images.

I think the acquisition for Canon was a great move, especially with recent Kodak bankruptcy filing. Plus the fact that Canon now has access to arguably the best wide format technology in the world.  However, how long can they keep operating two separate units?  I think in the near future we'll see the move in the US to migrate them into one unit, just my thoughts here and nothing I've heard or read.

Back to the poll.  We had a tremendous amount of votes, as of today there were 475.  Here's how our readers responded to Canon & Oce "Was this a good deal or a not so good deal?"

Good Deal 183 39%
Bad Deal 208 44%
Not Sure 84 18%
475 votes total

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