Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 7 Print4Pay Hotel Blogs

Since there's not a lot goin on in the industry lately....well wait a big annoucement did come from Canon that they had struck and agreement to supply FEDEX/Kinkos stores with Canon devices! That's a nice deal, especially with Canon now having access to the Oce Wideformat devices. What's next Staples, Office Max?

Here they are:

Too often in sales we get caught up in the day to day work of research, solutions, speeds, feeds and analysis and forget some of the basic sales skills that we learned.  Selling Copiers and MFP's "Get Back to the Basics"

Just last night on cable news, I listened to a report that service companies are enjoying the recent decline in the economy because more businesses and consumers are ...MFPs, Refurbs, Repos and Pre-Owned

"Eric the Office Worker" is now working at Acme Buy. "Eric the Office Worker" is a Customer Sales Rep, and helps customers fulfill their orders as the customers visit the Acme Buy Showroom. Ecopy Desktop & "Eric the Office Worker"

Thought about this the other day in car, made myself pull over and jotted down a few notes for everyone. I've complied a laundry list of points that I have adhered to in order to maximize Gross Profit. Selling Copiers " How to Maximize GP"

 I ask you, what do customers hate more when they are dis-satisfied with Office Equipment Leasing Companies? Yep, it us the sales people that put them into a bad lease. Most reps who have been in the business awhile know about some of the pitfalls of a good equipment leasing company and a not so good one. Top Copier Equipment Leasing Companies for Office Dealers

 The last eighteen months in the New York Metro Area has truly been a "Season of Changes" to remember!
Top Copier Equipment Leasing Companies for Office Dealers

 Most multifunctional copiers can be programed to count letter size paper as one click of the count meter (they are default from the factory this way), plus they can also be programmed to count 11x17 as one click (not the default program from the factory). MFP "Wars" Single click 11x17

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Anonymous said...

Actually, according to the press release, Canon is supplying imageRunner and imagePress. HP is supplying wide-format and cloud printing infrastructure.

Art Post said...

Agreed with the HP thingy, however this may not be such a good deal for Kinko's since they only have inkjet wide format devices. What is Kinko's going to use for the AEC copies and prints? HP's?? I don't think so!

Thanx for the comment!