Monday, April 19, 2010

Ricoh Ikon "thingy"

Thought I'd share  some of the threads from the Print4Pay Hotel in reference to the Ricoh Ikon letter and the top spots in Ricoh Americas now being held by former Ikon execs.  If you you'd like to read more go here and become a member of the fasting growing site for copier professionals in the world!

I am excited and energized to lead Ricoh Americas into the future. Since joining IKON eight years ago, I have worked very closely with Ricoh, first as an independent dealer and even more closely over the past 18 months as a Ricoh company. I believe without question that the combination of Ricoh and IKON brings together technology, service expertise, sales coverage, dealer partners and a team of employees that is unparalleled in our industry.

I intend to build on the leadership position we have in the U.S. to continue to increase our market share and deliver the best document management solutions for our customers. Blah, blah, blah...  Matt Espe Ricoh Americas Corp
"4. Will your branding change?

For the foreseeable future, we will maintain a separate Ricoh Business Solutions channel and IKON channel to ensure consistency and continuity with our Dealers and customers." P4P
Hotel member

"How will the changes that were announced today affect the RFG Dealer Channel? I work for a Lanier Dealer that was formerly a Gestetner Dealer. One of our primary concerns over the past several years is that RBS & IKON consistently undercut us on price, not only for hardware but also for service & supplies, which is where we make our profit. Additionally.......".P4PHotel member

"What makes you think that Ricoh has any major level of concern about dealer profitability? Maybe behind closed doors their perspective is that dealers are a necessary evil for ......." P4PHotel member

"Now that you raise the subject of Consumables, Ricoh allows IKON to purchase heavily from KATUN. IKON has always been notorious for buying non-OEM parts and supplies at deep discounts, which is one of the reason...... "P4PHOTEL member

"Certainly the service and supplies provide ongoing profits (at least one would hope) but keep in mind that the machine that they sell to you for $8,000 that ....... "P4P HOTEL member

"Regional Vice Presidents (Wholesale) will not have responsibility for IKON, nor RBS. This had been erroneously reported in an Industry newsletter."  P4P HOTEL Member

"It will be interesting to see where the loyalty lies with this group of execs. I can remember shen they brought in Jim Ivy in Feb of ......"P4PHOTEL Member

"was the only part that was profitable. RBS and IKON are a major drain on the company and this is the reason they are about to do the consolidation - to try to stem some of that bleeding". P4PHOTEL Member

Well there's 15 replies to this thread and almosy 600 page views since the story broke. I'm sure they'll be plenty more to come especially after some of the dealers and sales people get back from Ricoh Convergence in Las Vegas this week!

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