Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MFP Solutions "The Next Big Thing!"

Yesterday I had an appointment at a new account, turns out this account was interested in an MFP that had SPF installed, they were also interested in embeded NSI, PCS Director, IPDS, PPDM, APP2ME and need a quarterly CPP. WHOA!

Whats the Next Big Thing in Multifunctional Systems, well it' confusing the heck out the sales people with multiple solutions that do the same thing!

Solutions, Solutions everwhere a Solution,
Blocking out the solutions breaking my mind,
Use this, don't use that, can't you see the solution.

That's pretty much my own version of the chorus from the song Signs by Five Man Electric Band from 1970.

Geesh, it seems every three to four months there's Next Big Thing! In all my years it's never been harder to keep up with the multitude of solutions offered. Once you get to know the existing ones, we'll then they've been replaced with additional solutions. Heck, it's gonna take a few weeks just to memorize what the acronyms stand for.

Can you all remember the first line of the chorus from Signs? Here it is.

And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply

No joke, I can understand why it's so hard to have knowledgable salespeople, managers and support reps to keep up with the times. Solutions that are sold today are gone tomorrow.

But I guess it's just a SIGN of the times!

-=Good Selling=-


SalesServiceGuy said...


SPF = Sender Policy Framework to prevent email spoofing = I had to Google that one, never heard of it before.

PPDM = Personal Paperless Document Manager = I had to Google it = A Ricoh/ Nuance solution for scanning by creating icons on the LCD of the copier.

APP2Me = a 3rd Party software Developer who can create Widgets on Ricoh copiers to allow you to link your workflow to web based services for streamlined operation.

That is a lot of customization for one sale!

Art Post said...


Thanx for the comment, keeping my fingers crossed that the MFP won't slow down with all of the options! ;)