Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Managed Print Service Poll "Review"

We've had this poll running for about a month now, or is it more like three weeks. Ah, can't remember it's the end of the month, the quarter and the year and I'm being hammered every day about sales!!!!

Ok, back to the poll. We asked: You're now selling Managed Print Services "Your thoughts now". Basically tell us, it is working for you or not!

Here's the choices that vendors had to choose from and the percentages:

It's been a great success for us 27%
It's been ok for us 26%
It's not reaping the profits we thought it would 37%
If we had to do it over, we would not have gotten into MPS 10%

Very interesting to say the least, it seems to me that 47% or almost 1 out of every two vendors are not happy with the move. I thought it would have been more like 80% would have agreed with "It's been a great success for us".

I'm a follower of MPS, I believe it has it's place, however if 47% are unhappy, why is that? It's obvious that I can't answer that question, so I reached out to a friend of mine Greg Walters with Death of the Copier in Southern Cal, here's what he had to say......l check back here in a few hours for the response!!

Here's Greg's opine:

You study does not surprise me. I know of a few very successful MPS Practices. But I have been taking many, many questions in the past 5 months all around getting an MPS Practice "going".

It seems that most MPS practices are set up on the wrong premise. Whether MPS is thought of as a marketing ploy to move more equipment, a strategic motion to secure existing accounts or a way to capture ongoing, single function volumes, most attention has been focused on "programs" and internal tactics.

We are ignoring or missing the Client in all this.


All the MPS momentum gained from MPS ideas and programs and goals and potential is being bled off before it gets to the Selling Professional. Either the MPS philosophy is so weak, the sales person ignores and continues as always or the MPS philosophy is so complicated and nebulous, the sales person ignores and continues as always.

Here's the secret - Your study does note reflect MANAGED PRINT SERVICES problems, your study reveals basic, selling problems.

Put that on your whiteboard and gaze upon genius...


Greg Walters
-=Good Selling=-


Nathan Dube said...

"We are ignoring or missing the Client in all this."

Spot on Greg, I would think that the reason the poll showed such a high rate of disappointment is because many of those offering their "shiny new MPS programs" are doing it for the wrong reasons.

If money and greed is your sole motivation to enter the managed print services market you will almost surely fail unless you are already a giant company where money is not an issue.

Our CEO has always worked in managed print services becuase he could see the potential for financial growth but put his customers happiness before anything else.

Many of the truly successful MPS providers today started forming what would become their MPS offerings now, back in the early 1990's when things like "Prevent13" where being circulated.

Surely the reason that many are having trouble now is because managed print services is not and never was a bandwagon. Nor is it a fad that can be manipulated to produce quick dollars.

Those who think they can just jump on the train as it comes by may end up rather dumbfounded on the side of the tracks so to speak.

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