Monday, December 14, 2009

Toner Bomb in Allentown, PA

I came across this article on the web today. Being in the industry and once being a tech we are all too familiar with "toner bombs", however our interpretation of a "toner bomb" is when someone opens the toner cartridge and then drops it on the floor and wallaa, you have a "toner bomb" due to rush of toner that escapes from the cartridge! Take it me, I've done a few of these and seen a few of these happen, it's not a pretty sight.

Well, in Allentown, Pa, it seems that a suspicious package was found outside one of the cities buildings. Hence the entire building was evacuated, the contents x-rayed (which was inconclusive) and then the package was blown up in front of the building. Contents of the box you might ask? A toner cartridge. Result of the detonation.... a cloud of black smoke!

Click here Toner Bomb Article:

Better yet, here's the video of the "toner bomb"

Hoping that wasn't one of our cartridges!!

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