Monday, December 28, 2009

Connecting Multifunctional Copier Buyer with Multifunctional Copier Solution Experts

"It's all about connections"

P4P Cafe

Our Mission, Our Vision

We connect the serious multifunctional copier buyer with best of breed multifunctional experts in your area. The P4PHotel has thousands of experts that will consult with your firm for multifunctional hardware and software applications. If your company needs to focus on your core business, then we have the right experts to consult for multifunctional hardware and software solutions that will increase productivity and ease the pain of the printed, scanned , faxed or copied paper!

In 2003, we launched the Print4Pay Hotel web site and forums. The heart and soul of the site are the message board forums. The message board forums is a closed site for only multifunctional imaging experts, over the years the site has grown to over 2,300 members in 116 countries.

In the past few years we've noticed that our membership is comprised of the best of breed sales professionals in the multifunctional copier industry. What's most encouraging is that our members are on the fore front of paper workflow, print solutions, fax integration and additional solutions that turn the boring multifunctional copier into amazing paper capture, systems that can save untold hours with managed paper!

Heck, anyone can sell a multifunctional copier system, however if you want your investment to perform at the highest level for document management integration, MS Sharepoint integration, or network fax server' The you're at the right place!

If you need a color copier or a black and white copier, we are here to help. Our docusultants (P4P members) work hard to understand your printing, scanning, faxing and copying environment to make sure that we do no oversell you or that we do not undersell you. Our members are the "go to people" in the industry. They are the people dedicated to their profession!

We work to keep up to speed on all the multifunctional copier technology. Print, copy, scan and fax technologies have all evolved and the copier you have used for years may be way out of date with current technologies out in the market. Just click here, fill out the information and Print4Pay Hotel member/specialist will call you to arrange an on-site visit and consultation!

Click here for a Free Multifunctional Copier proposal and a Free "How 2" document.

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