Sunday, April 14, 2013

Copier Stream of Payments Calculator

Over time I became pretty adept at calculating how many payments were left when I needed to trade up a competitors copy machine/MFP's that were leased.  Problem is I would scribble the start date, today's date, and then figure out how many payments the has made to date.  I also then had to calculate the monthly payment times the remaining stream of payments, and then add a return fee.

After years of making a mistake every now and then I moved to calculating the remaining payments in my pricing worksheet (which is a document that can be downloaded on the Print 4Pay Hotel forums).  All was well and good, but I was still having issues with the start date, today's date, when we delivered new equipment. Plain and simple is was a cluster$%^#.

The other day, I decided to do something about it.  I developed my own "Copier Stream of Payments Calculator.  All you need to do is input the start date, today's date and the amount of the monthly payment and the rest if the information is calculated for you with the remaining number of payments, and the total for the remaining stream of payments and return fees.

Usually this file is reserved for Premium Print4Pay Hotel members, however if you register here and include a note in the BIO field stating "send me the Copier Stream of Payments Calculator", I will email that to you for free.  I showed it to a few reps already and all have stated it's a real time saver and awesome to use in the field.

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Hotels in Manali said...

What is the cost ?

Alexandra Hyde said...

It's a very good idea. You're very innovative, indeed. Thanks for sharing this information to the readers. Have a good one!