Saturday, April 6, 2013

Desktop Copier or MFP for Industrial Environment?

Here's another interesting thread that I found on the forums.  This company had purchased a small brother MFP to only find out that the system died in about six months because of the environment that the system was placed in. 

The industrial environment is a Rock Quarry!!  OMG, besides a concrete factory I couldn't think of a worse place to have a copier.  This particular user was asking for direction to what type of system he might be able to get that would give better performance.

Here's my reply:

Rock quarry = very bad environment for any MFP. The Brother that you bought is considered a "throw away" system. Years ago I placed several units at a cement factory equally as bad as the rock quarry or maybe worse. You need to step up to an office system machine take a look here.

All laser based MFP copiers use heat and pressure to fuse the toner on the paper, thus when the system is on, the system is always heating, cooling and drawing in air from the environment.

Kev840 made a good suggestion lease or buy a more robust system like I pointed out and buy a maintenance agreement, but do keep in mind that if the environment is too dirty the dealer can and may cancel the agreement because of the environment.

There are some new inkjet systems from Memjet and HP that show some promise since they don't use heat and pressure to put ink on paper, but you may not like the quality, nor the way those systems feed paper through the document feeder.

Here's some types you can do to help your copier run cleaner:

1. When not using the copier, turn it off and place a cover over the system.

2. Buy some Silica Gel Bags and place them in the copier paper tray to keep the moisture out of the unit.

3. Find the air intake area to the copier and place a strip cheesecloth over the air intake and replace this every month or so.

4. When you find the air intake there is usually and air filter in the better systems, see if you can buy a few extra from the dealer and change them every month.

5. Clean the optics (glass) and the document feeder area every few weeks or month, you can use glass cleaner for the optics and soap and water for the feed tires (they feed the paper into the document feeder).

6. If they system has been sitting awhile, before you print or copy remove the old paper and put new paper in the system.

Always keep in mind that any laser based copier/MFP works on static electricity an electronic charge is applied to the drum and paper for every print, dust inside of the unit can become charged and then adhere to other areas of the device where you don't want the dust to be.

If you take these precautions and get a system that is more worthy of your needs, I believe you can get many years out of another system. Hope this helps!!

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