Sunday, April 21, 2013

How Do You Feel About the Copier Industry?

How Do You Feel About the Copier Industry? This is the title of a recent thread on the Print4Pay Hotel forums that was posted a little more than a month a go.  I thought I would share some of the comments from our members.  If you'd like to read the entire threads please go here and register for a free membership.

I still believe there are many more pages to capture. I'm not thrilled with the shrinking margins, however I gotten used to picking my battles and knowing when I can make GP and when I can't. I think our industry needs to be more creative with new products also..... Member from NJ

We have one dealer in our territory with the sell at all cost mentality, low ball service, low ball the sale just to get the deal..... Member from WI

I'm in favor of a contraction of the industry as a whole.... Member from NJ

Anyway it seems you have to work harder and harder every year, I'm not opposed to working hard but will be interesting to see when the industry bottoms out. Member from New Zealand

Society does not seem to be producing people who want to be in outside sales or think that they can earn an income other than by sitting behind a computer..... Member from Canada

I think it is easy (30 years of thinking a warped way) but when you get a newbie to the industry they think you are "insane" when you tell them to forget everything they learned in marketing class, or speaking "Portuguese" when you try to describe the real "copier" sales cycle....  Member from NC

I think our industry needs a new business model. It needs to be leass about the product and more about solving business solutions and capturing page volume in the account... Member from NY

As a new sales rep with no prior outside sales experience this industry is insane... Member from CA

Great thread, and I loved what Yoda had to say.... Some questions for everyone.... Member from Canada

These are just some excerpts from the 35 replies and more than 450 reads.  I'd like to thank all of the Print4Pay Hotel members for sharing their thoughts. We have the best on-line community where members share information, share sales experience, and we truly want to help each other sell more equipment and gain more knowledge. I've stated this before "Our Print4Pay Hotel members are the Most knowledgeable imaging professionals in the business"!

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