Monday, August 20, 2012

11 Great Ways to Kick Start Your Copier Career!

Below is a recent thread on the Print4Pay Hotel forums.  A new rep took a position seling copiers/mfps/printers etc and asked for advise on the forums. Enjoy!

Well. I accepted their offer. Off to the races.

I've seen some great stuff on here
(Print4Pay Hotel forums) already, are there any topics on the forum that would be recomended I check out?

From what I know of sales already it's important I have the answers for the kinds of questions people will be asking, perhaps ya'll can post lists of the most common questions your clients ask?

Perhaps ideas on some topics I should have general knowledge of when it comes too my competitors?

Any topics that I should focus on for the geographical area I am trying to reach?

I hope none of this is to invasive, I hope I can be a resource for all of you when the time comes.


Thread reply from Art:

Welcome, become a sponge, the rep who can pinpoint pain in a process and then offer a viable solution whether hardware, software, feature or IT will win the day.
1) An MFP sale can go much quicker than an IT sale, be prepared to close early and often.

2) If you're in a new account, and they have "xyz" system. Ask them what they had before "xyz" if it turns about to be the same, then they have brand/dealer or salesperson loyalty.
3) Breaking a new account can be the hardest, know who your competition is if any, learn to read upside down, scan the desk for other proposals, ask "are you considering any other vendors and why?

4) If you don't know the answer to a question for a system, be upfront and explain that you need to research and get back to them.
5) Prospect by day, quote by night
6) Try to average a minimum 15 points a week, one appointment is worth one point, demo is worth two, creating and opporunity means you are presenting a propsal (these are worth 3 points)
7) Minimum of 120 calls a week, these are appointment calls and survey calls (getting names, systems, additional information)

8) If you're a Ricoh dealer get all of your certifications on AF league, most manufacturers will have these courses. They are awesome learning tools.
9) Read the brochures of each piece of hardware and then read the launch materials, become a sponge!
10) Get copies of quotes/sales orders/maintenance agreements and proposals from other vendors in your area. Read them and then now the weaknesses or your advantage with every competitor.
11) Lean on the Print4Pay Hotel for information, I've been doing this for 34 years and I'm not an expert with every solution or peice of hardware, however there are many P4P'ers that are experts in their vertical markets. It's like having a family of Pro's that will help!
-=Good Selling=-

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