Saturday, August 11, 2012

150 Calls a Week RU Serious "Selling Copiers & MFPs"

Last week was a bonanza for emails from new reps.  This latest thread came from a newbie member of the Print4Pay Hotel forums.

I am new to P4PHotel. I am curious, I saw you make 150 calls(with contact to DM I am assuming) a week. I want to improve my effectiveness. I am curious with both customers and non-customers what some of those calls sound like. I am programmed to set appointments. With that many calls I would have many appointments with accounts that are nowhere near buying and I would run out of time to make calls. I am really curious what some of the talk tracks you use? I appreciate your help.

You make a good point, however I was under that same assumption that with making 150 calls a week, that I would set too many appointments and then not have enough time to make the 150 calls every week.

However that is not the case! I make calls all day on Monday and Tuesday and half of Wednesday. I average about 120 calls per week, some are follow ups, but most are appointment calls, or just trying to get the right information that I need to make the appointment call.

I then schedule appointments from 1PM Wednesday until the rest of the week. If scheduled right, I can schedule 13 appointments, 3 appointments for Wednesday afternoon and then 5 on Thursday and 5 on Friday. On Thursday and Friday I will start booking at 8:30AM and make my last appointment @ 4PM for Thusday and Friday. I also try to arrange my appointments so that each one is less than a 30 minute drive from one to the other.

As far as getting through to 120 DM's, that will pretty much never happen.  But it's not about making the sale now, more often it's about getting in the door and establishing a relationship with DM. I can list many appointments where the intial appointment did not result in a sale and then just as many that turned into a sale three months, six months and in some cases a year or more later!

You won't hit it off with every DM, however I can relate to coaching by college summer baseball team, the fact that I will always be there and the players come and go.  This will hold true for many DM's and also those gate keepers, you know the ones I'm talking about, you never get to meet the DM but have to meet with the gatekeeper in order to present your case.  The fact is that time changes everything, I've seen many people come and go at many companies.  The smaller the company seems to be more constant with the same DM and the larger the company means you'll have many DM's to deal with if you're in the business for as long as I've been in it.
I will provide a script for you and post it here as a pdf for you. If anyone else can help it would be appreciated, you can upload your script in the reply section of the forum.

PS If you would like some copies of my scripts, please register for the Print4Pay Hotel forums and then send me an email and I'll send a couple of them to you.

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