Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Copier & Multifunctional Print4Pay Hotel Notes

Well.......I've been busy!!! Memorial Day kicks off my Summer Collegiate Baseball Season and I'm sorry to tell everyone we dropped both ends of the DH!!  Argggghh!  The first we dropped 3-1 and the 2nd game 9-6, and dam we were down in the second game 7-1  going into the 7th inning.  The guys could have quit however they didn't and I was impressed with one pitcher who pitched with a "tude" and brushed back a hitter who thought he owned the plate! It's a long season and we'll see how we do. 

So for all our Print4Pay Hotel Members and Members to be, here's some links of our latest and greatest threads.

Recent Document Uploads:
A Message to CFO's (Another Letter)
Are you aware of your printing environment?
Synopsis of business case for businesses
A Predator’s Guide to Selling

There's many more, just the latest from today!

Leads, RFP's RFQ's:
50 plus Copier Bid in California
32 MFPs up for Grabs in Southeast USA
13 plus MFP's in Mid Atlantic State USA
Color Copier RFP in Louisana
Lease of Production Copier in Mid West USA

Many more of these also!!!

Recent Interesting Threads from P4P'ers:
Rumor has it.....
MPS And Profit
question on powerline adapter
Fax Machines, let's have some fun!
KGB returns broken copier to United Civic Party's activists in Homyel

MFP Cloud Threads:
Print email from the cloud (Video)
Generic advantages and differences of UDOCX vs.in house installs
Toshiba Canada launches new Colour Line

These are just some samples of the threads from this week alone!! The Print4Pay has over 2,300 world wide members that are dedicated Imaging Professionals.  Take a trip here www.p4photel.com/eve (registration link, don't worry man, it's FREE) and become a part of the largest social group of Imaging Professionals in the work and the opportunity to discuss solutions, best practices, rumors, and make new friends  in the industry (it's nice to have a secure forum that's  not out there for the public, eh?)

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