Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 40 Most Infuential in the Imaging Industry

The Week in Imaging just released their Top 40 Most Influential in the Imaging Industry.  Each week for the next four weeks they will be posting ten of the Top 40.  What a great way to get readers coming back, I like it!

So, who's in the first group of 10?  Well, it's pretty much the who's who in the Imaging Industry.  Mentioned were Frank Canata (President and Founder MRC Consultants), Ed McLaughlin, President, Sharp, Carlyle Singer, President & CEO, Katun Corp., Rick Taylor, President & CEO of KonicaMinolta USA, Bob Goldberg, BTA General Counsel, Art Post, Print4Pay Hotel & Print4Pay Hotel’s MFP Solutions Blog, Jerry Blaine, CEO, LDI Color Toolbox, Ed Crowley, President & CEO, Photizo Group, Frank Gaspari, CEO, FlexPrint, Jim Cerkleski, CEO, Clover Holdings, Inc.

The Week in Imaging also states that all of these Industry Guru's were nominated based on comments that were emailed to them others in the industry.  None of the top 40 new about be honored in advance.

For me, well.....I'm honored that my name was passed along to The Week in Imaging and I'd like to thank those that passed my name along with recommendation.  A lot of time and effort goes into the Print4Pay Hotel forums and the MFP Solutions Blog.  Countless hours researching, reading, and thinking of ways to improve the way we communicate as a group has always been a goal of mine. 

Take some time and read about each of the honorees, and I'll be looking forward to next weeks publication.

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Rick Backus said...

Well deserved Art. Congratulations

Art Post said...

Rick, thanx so much!!!1