Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Selling Copiers and MFP's "Ask Art"

I am looking for some good talk tracks that work, when dealing with non Xerox prospects. It seems like when I call every non Xerox customer is completely "happy" and no need to see me. Any suggestions?

This was a post on one of the forums of the Print4Pay Hotel today. I'm always more than happy to help someone new or someone in need in our industry.  The Print4Pay Hotel offers many forums for all manufacturers reps to discuss solutions, ask questions and get sales help!

Here's the repsone I posted on the P4P Hotel forums.

For starters, everyone is happy to say they are happy with their current provider to get you off the phone!

Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see is something my father always said, doesn't make much sense but he always said it!

Selling today is a lot more complicated than years ago. When I started, you would whip out the yellow pages, pick a type of business and just start making cold calls. The pitch was simple something to effect "Hi this is so and so, and I'm calling to see you have the need for a new copier". That was it, plain and simple and believe it or not you really, really wanted a no, so you could hang up and get the next dial in. Sooner or later you were going to find someone that would take a look at a demonstrator unit from you.

If I used that pitch today, I'm sure all of my answers would be NO, GO AWAY, and a hang up.

Today I find my self making multiple calls to find the "right" person, and then many calls to finally get the "right" person on the phone. I find that these words will help spark some interest:

We may be able to lower your costs
We may be able to manage your documents that will result in increased productivity.
Decrease the smount of pages copied or printed

Manage your printing to move prints to lower cost systems

These are just a few, it's a numbers game and you've gotta make the dials to find who is unhappy, who's looking to save, or who needs additional or new systems.

Look for these signs:

Companies moving
Companies hiring
Companies where the parking lot is overflowing
Companies that were awarded a major contract

Do these:

Join your locate chamber of commerce or networking club and attend the meetings
be involved (volunteer)locally for sports, politics and religious orginazations
Make 200-300 calls a week

It's not easy work, it's hard work and you have be dedicated. Hope this helps!

-=Good Selling=-

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