Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Ricoh "What I Want for Christmas" 2010

Christmas Note:  Glass ornaments are the most popular of today's German Christmas decorations. One glass ornament in particular is very interesting. It is a pickle! Pickles were used as common German Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree. The legend of the pickle states that when decorating the tree, you must hang the pickle last and hide it among the Christmas tree branches. On Christmas Day, the first kid to find the pickle would get a special blessing for the coming New Year and an extra present

Back in 08 I posted a blog titled To Ricoh "What I Want for Christmas", some of those Christmas wishes came or are coming true almost two years later.  I had asked for Color Scanning on high volume units (got it and Santa made me happy), print files from USB or SD cards (got it, about two years late), a Gelsprinter Plotter (I got an Epson instead), a real A4 device (not some printer with scanner attached, don't have this yet, however Santa's suppose to bring me one after Christmas), a Digital Duplicator that duplex's 11x17 (nope, didn't get one of these either), Biometric Authentication (did not get and I'm really pissed), a wide format system that will scan in color (dagnabit, I was suppose to get this a few months ago, all I hear is that it's coming, thanx Santa another gift that everyone else got but me). 

So, this year I put together another wish list from Ricoh:

  • Duplexing A3 Digital Duplicator that prints in two colors!
  • 50, 60, 70 ppm A4 MFP that has the cost per page of the A3 MFP
  • Low Volume wide format system with color scanning (4 pages per minute or less)
  • A "Green" MFP that will let me use the same paper over and over (erase image)
  • A Digital Color Envelope Press (really, really want this)
  • A Booklet Finisher that will fold and staple thick stock for Segment 3 & 4 systems
  • A folding unit that will create a "z" or "gate" fold on letter size prints or copies
  • Embedded Print Cost Calculation Software that will allow us to charge by coverage used
  • Embedded Print Software that will report what documents were printed and by whom
  • A 20ppm A4 MFP that has a retail cost per page of .10 cents
I don't think I'm gonna see any of these this Christmas and I'm kinda wishy washy about next Christmas also, but I'm going to keep the faith that Father Christmas will make a few of these happen.

Do you have a wish list from another manufacturer or even Ricoh, if so post in the comments section!

-=Merry Christmas=-


Anonymous said...

My Ricoh wish for Santa is that Ricoh's direct operations would leave my territory. I wish for them to go thru the local dealer as ship ins whenever they have a deal in an Authorized dealer's designated territory.

I also wish for a fast B/W A4 machine with the user interface of our mid volume units and a retail cpp of $0.012

I'd gladly give up my second wish to get the first though or I may have to go to another manufacturer for next christmas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas wish for Ricoh is that management keep them on the same path in destroying their Dealer Division and continue to harm their loyal Dealer customers. I hope Ricoh management all got coal in their Stockings, while sipping Egg Nog, knowing they have Golden Parachutes to rely upon. I hope that all of the talented Ricoh employees find peace and wealth in 2011...wherever they end up working.