Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Week in Toshiba "TWIT Notes"

Toshiba announced it is entering the electronic book market, with its new Toshiba Biblio Leaf:

o Solar powered

o 6” b/w touchscreen display

o 800x600dpi


o SD memory card slot

o WiFi and 3G wireless connections

o $20/month subscription

o 12 hour battery life

o Expected price of $150.00

Toshiba announced it will outsource some of its system chip manufacturing to Samsung of South Korea. This will allow the company to grow its memory chip production.

Toshiba announced it is selling its Nagasaki, Japan system chip plant, which was losing money, to Sony Corp. for $599 million. Sony will use the plant to make CMOS sensors for cell phones and digital cameras.

Toshiba launched the world’s first 3D HDTV set that does not need special 3D glasses. The 12” flat screen, called Regza GL1, will sell for $1400.00

Toshiba announced that revenue from its nuclear plant business may reach $12 billion in next 3 years.

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salesserviceguy said...

Toshiba introduces the new ES (Enhanced Security)series of copiers. Basically the same as current 25-85 cpm Black only copiers with Data Overwrite kit Enhanced Web Browser at $NC.