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MFP Weekend Industry Notes 11/29/10

Gathered from Print4Pay Hotel Members from around the world and a few moles in very good places!

- Okidata reports financial data:
o Worldwide hardcopy revenue declined 12% in first half of 2010 to only $675 million
o Operating loss of $34 million for first half of fiscal year
o Printer revenue down 22% as compared with 2006
o Printer revenue is 33% of total company

- The Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA) announced that U.S. businesses originated $4.9 billion in leases and loans to invest in capital equipment (which includes MFPs), which is up 14% from this time last year.
o 2.95% of borrowers were delinquent 30 days or more, down 3.41%
o Lenders in October considered just 1.2% of the loans in their portfolios as losses unlikely ever to be paid, down 1.7%
o 73% of all credit applications were approved, up from 72% last year

- Epson announced that in Europe, it will relabel desktop b/w laser AIOs from Kyocera (aka Kyoto Ceramic Company). In addition, Epson sold its printer R&D unit in the Philippines to Kyocera.

- Epson announced it celebrated its 20th anniversary of launching piezo crystal inkjet technology:
o competes with technology used by HP and Canon, known as thermal inkjet, that uses heat to vaporize liquid water-based ink and fire it through printhead nozzles
o Instead uses mechanical pressure generated by a piezoelectric element when an electric current is applied to push droplets through nozzle
o Developed by current Epson president, Minoru Usui
o Is division of Seiko, the watchmaker.
 After launching its first dot matrix printer in 1968, the EP101, Seiko Corp. decided on the name “Epson” in 1975 as the division was the son of the EP printer.
o First printer to use technology was the Epson Stylus 800 in 1993
o Technology superior as it produces more precise ink droplets, resulting in sharper and smoother prints, with lower operating temperature
o Able to use synthetic colorants
o Will roll out its first color production inkjet system, the SurePress L4033A in late 2011

- Sharp announced it is the official sponsor of a 13 foot by 9 foot video wall at the September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York. The video wall will be constructed of 9 Sharp PN-V601 60” color LCD panels.

- Oracle Corp. won a lawsuit it filed for patent violation against SAP, and a federal jury ordered SAP to pay Oracle $1.3 billion in damages. New HP CEO, Leo Apotheker was running SAP at the time of the infraction. SAP will appeal the decision. HP’s former CEO, Mark Hurd, now works for Oracle.

- HP’s new CEO, Leo Apotheker, announced that the company will dump its current Siebel CRM, (division of Oracle) and instead go with Salesforce.com.

- In a press release, new Hewlett Packard CEO, Leo Apotheker, stated that he will refocus the company’s R&D to increase software sales. “With software, companies can add much value to any product which is intended for HP customers”.

- Hewlett Packard filed a patent for “multi-threading” called “Parallelization in Printing” that will supposedly enable servers to speed up processing of large multi-page print jobs.

- HP reported its last quarter’s financials:
o profit up 5%
o total revenue up 8% to $33.28 billion
o net income of $2.5 billion
o operating margin decreased to 9.9% from 10.2%
o PC sales up 4% to $10.3 billion
o Services revenue up 0.4% to $9 billion
o Software revenue up1% to $974 million
o Printer/MFP division revenue up 8% to $7 billion
 Supplies revenue up 6%
 Commercial hardware revenue up 22%
 Consumer hardware revenue down 2%
 Commercial printer/MFP units up 43%

- EFI announced a printing solution for owners of Apple iPads. The company released PrintMe Connect for AirPrint, a free software package, allows users of iPads, iPods or iPhones to print to a Fiery driven MFP.

- Apple will roll out a second generation iPad next April, according to Wall Street analyst, Brian Marshall. In addition, the company announced it purchased the former headquarters of HP in Cupertino, CA for use as new office space.

- Lexmark announced that some of its products will now be sold by Best Buy.

- Ricoh stated that its worldwide sales decreased 1.9% to $5.8 billion last quarter.

- A retired Columbia University professor who held the sole patent covering a method of producing LEDs and laser diodes has died at age 83. Details:
o Gertrude Neumark Rothschild began research career with Sylvania Research Labs in Bayside, NY in 1950s
o Later worked at Philips Labs in Briarcliff Manor, NY
o Joined Columbia as professor of materials science in 1985
o Her patents led to laser and LED technologies used in laser print engines, DVD players, computers, instrument panels and background lighting in cell phone screens.
o In March, 2008, she sued LG, Nokia, Pioneer, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba for patent violations
o She received settlements totaling $27 million according to her lawyer, Albert Jacobs.

- A company finally shows a desktop color inkjet printer based on Memjet technology. Details:
o Company is Astro Machine Corp. of Illinois
o Unit will be called AstroJet Color Page Printer
o 1600x1600 dpi and 1600x800dpi modes
o Lower resolution delivers up to 3600 letter size pages per hour
 Unlike traditional inkjet models, coverage does not slow down print speed
o Can also handle up to 9,000 number 10 envelopes per hour
o Maximum sheet size of 9.5”x17”
o Maximum paper thickness of 0.5mm
o USB port
o Weighs 75lbs.
o 20”Wx24”Lx17.25”H
o Pricing and ship date not announced

Impact Networking, a dealer with locations in Illinois and Wisconsin, announced it has adopted Pickard Elementary School in Chicago, providing its 432 elementary students with Christmas gifts.

- FM Audit Inc. of Jefferson City, MO announced it has added a “Green Reporting” feature to its managed print services software that will allow dealers to provide info to customers on their printer’s paper consumed, supply usage and power consumption.

- Fuji Xerox president, Tadahito Yamamoto, gave an interview to the press about future of printing business:
o Company is three years into reinvention as a managed print services provider
o Due to maturing hardware markets, is scrambling to diversify its revenue mix
o Spent $761 to build the Yokohama Minatomirai research and development facility
o Will spend $755 million on R&D this fiscal
o Company’s current ingrained hardware manufacturing culture is proving difficult to change
o Looks to IBM as role model

- Sony Corp. announced it is selling its digital photo printer division (dye sublimation technology) to Dai Nippon, which currently makes the Screen color inkjet production printing systems.

- Notable Solutions Inc. (NSi) reports that 25,000 customers now have one of its AutoStore document capture server solutions.
- Toshiba announced it is entering the portable data center market, and has opened up a demo center in Tokyo. It hopes for $240 million in revenue for this new division by 2015.

- Toshiba announced that its total worldwide revenue last year was $69 billion, but that its TEC division (which offers MFPs & printers) was only $2 billion.

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