Monday, November 22, 2010

Ricoh MP C3001 & MP C3501 "Spec Review"

It seems Ricoh hit another home run and put additional runs against the competition when it comes to color multifunctional devices!  Check out these features and what's included in the base system!

What's New!!

2-ppm increase in output speeds

􀂙 Faster warm-up/recovery times

􀂙 Faster original scanning speeds

􀂙 Greater amount of std./max. RAM

􀂙 Larger Hard Disk Drive

􀂙 300 g/m2 paper support & Duplexing via Bypass Tray

􀂙 Envelope Feeding from internal tray (Opt)

􀂙 Side Tray

􀂙 Improved environmental specifications

􀂙 Induction Heating (IH) Fusing

􀂙 Improved High Compression PDF

􀂙 Quota Setting mode

􀂙 App2Me, PPDM Standard

􀂙 Print From USB/SD (Optional)

􀂙 Scan-To-Web Mail (SSL over SMTP)

􀂙 Standard HDD encryption & DOSS

General Capabilities:

Output Speed (LTR) (FC/BW)

MP C3001: 30/30-ppm

MP C3501: 35/35-ppm

Warm-up Time: 23 seconds

Recovery From Sleep: Mode 13 seconds

Scanning Speed:  51-ipm (FC/BW @ 200 dpi)

Fusing: Technology Induction Heating

Typical Electricity:  MP C3001: 1.62 kW/hour*

Consumption (TEC):   MP C3501: 1.83 kW/hour*

*Lowest in industry (as of September, 2010)

Need more?  We've got the rest of the specs, brochures and CPP on the Print4Pay Hotel forums, go here and become a member of the largest social network group of copier/mfp professionals in the world!!

-=Good Selling=-

-=Good Selling=-

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