Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's Your Average MFP Copier Lease Sale?

We posted this poll on the Print4Pay Hotel foums a few months ago. 

I know what my average lease sale is however wanted to hear from others.  I recently had exchanged a few emails with a leasing company that I wanted to do business with, however they made a statement that the lowest amount they would fund is $20 or $25K, I can't remember which it was. Any how their (leasing companies) statement was that $22,500 (I'll meet them halfway) was the number that they found to be the average copier/mfp lease sale and would they would not take a deal for less than that.  Funny, if the $22,500 was the average should there have been deals under that????

Ah, enough said on that, here's how our Print4Pay Hotel members responded when posed with:

What's Your Average Lease Sale?

$1,000 - 2,900   =  0%
$2,901-  6,900   =  18%
$6.901 - 9,900   =  53%
$9,901 - 14,900 =  12%
$14.901 - 19,900 =  0%
$19,901 plus        =  18%

So, 71% all all leases were under $9,900 and a whopping 83% were under $14,900.  Not sure why the total come up with 101%, and I'm not even going to try to figure that out.  We're going to continue to keep this poll open on the Print4Pay Hotel forums and we'll come back to this in a few months to see where the numbers are then.  I'm betting Dollars to Doughnuts that findings will be similar.

What was that leasing company thinking about? 

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Anonymous said...

That leasing company simply doesn't want to be in the copier leasing business unless its a large take down with a very stable customer. Frankly I don't blame them given the number of my own clients who have defaulted on leases in the past 2 years (probably 15%+ of my leasees).

The good news is that approvals are losening up and I have gotten several deals with realtors and construction firms approved in the past few weeks that never would have been approved a year ago.