Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gelsprinter, Inkjet, Bubblejet, it's all Liquid Ink!

"The color-printing industry is estimated to be worth over $300bn worldwide, and LIQUID INK technology will continue to eat into this market by taking over from traditional, laser printing. Liquid Ink is environmentally friendly, uses relatively cheap components, and does not require expensive manufacturing facilities."

I read this a few months ago and it really hit home that Liquid ink technology will eventually take over laser print technology in the corporate and home office. Not sure if it will be in selling career, however I'm sure it will be the norm in 10-20 years from now.

With toner (plastic resin) being derived from fossil fuels and energy costs soaring; it's pretty much a no brainer that liquid ink will be the technology of the future. Which do we have more of oil or water? Along with which is cheaper?

So, where will that leave office equipment dealers in the future? Liquid ink means no more consumable items such as photo drums, cleaning blades, and developer and fuser kits? Consumable items are the life blood of Office Equipment Dealers. Planned obsolescence is the rule of law. Office Equipment Dealers make their profit from pages printed or copied, more pages equal more profit. When the industry does change to all ink, what happens to Office Equipment Dealers, will they be able to compete when the ink is sold on the internet at prices lower than they can buy from their manufacturer?

Today’s Multifunctional machines are 5 times as reliable as their analog predecessors. Liquid Ink systems are more reliable than ever. Will clients still take Maintenance Agreements or Cost per Page Plans if the systems only breakdown a few times a year? Could Liquid Ink based High Volume Multifunctional systems put many dealers out of business?

All these questions are yet to be answered, we must all keep in mind that these systems are manufactured to use supplies. Ink and toner is where the real profits are.

"Every organization must prepare for the total abandonment of everything it does". Peter Drucker


Anonymous said...

what good does it do a copier sales person to sell a printer if we don't get paid a % of the supply revenue??

Art Post said...

Almost none, except that the manufacturers are giving some huge spiffs for placing these printers. When the spiffs expires, so will will the printer sales.

Anonymous said...

Edgeline - how about Edgeline?

All liquid, and clicks...