Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That Time of Year for Me with AIIM/OnDemand

For those who know me, this time of year is very hectic for me. I have a son who pitches for a DII College Program in New Jersey. This is his final year playing college baseball and hopefully his future may have more baseball in store for him.

I just arrived back in town from Myrtle Beach, SC (watching baseball) and in ten days I'll be off to Fort Meyers, FL for eight days (watching baseball), plus I still have prospect, research and close sales like the rest of us. After Fort Meyers the season will be in full swing with four games a week, traveling across a tri-state area.

My plans for this year also included another trip to the AIIM/OnDemand Show in Boston next week. Alas with just taking off a few days and then going to Fort Meyers, I am bagging the trip to Boston this year. This year will be the first year that I'll miss the show in eight years! Who the heck wants to be in Boston the first week of March anyway? Last years show was so, so according to vendors and the timing could not have been worse having the AIIM/On Demand a week after the ITEX 2008 in Las Vegas. At least ITEX got it right and picked a warm climate and a destination that is worth the time. Not that Boston is not a great town, however in March....., you can still get quite a powerful noreaster than can run up the coast!

I have some material that I'll be blogging on soon and will post soon!

Good Selling!

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