Sunday, January 27, 2008

Polling Copier Sales People

Here's a few more polls that were conducted on the Print4Pay Hotels Message Boards. The Print4Pay Hotel has dedicated message boards for Canon, KonicaMinolta, Kyocera, Xerox and the Ricoh Family Group. Enjoy!

Poll #1: With all of the acquisitions in our industry in the last 18 months, who do you think is going to get bought out in 08?

Who Will Buy Who in "08"?

(18%) Ricoh acquires IKON

(18%) Canon acquires IKON

(55%) HP acquires IKON

(0%) HP acquires Danka

(9%) Canon acquires Danka

(0%) Ricoh acquires Danka

Poll #2: Since scanning seems to be more popular than ever, geez I would have to say that 80% of my customers are now scanning!

How are you handling maintenance for scanning?

(19%) We have an additional MA that covers scans

(62%) We include unlimited scans with our MA

(14%) We're thinking about adding a Scanning MA

(5%) Geez, I never thought it would come to this!

Poll #3: Professional Corporations will offer a "piece" of the company to hold onto valued employees. This usually happens with Architects, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.Leads me to this poll:

Do you think Dealerships should offer "partnerships" to hold onto key employees?

(91%) Yes

(9%) No

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