Saturday, February 16, 2008

Selling Copiers "Testimonial Letters"

Clients are more skeptical than ever. How do you win the sale when your potenital cleint knows nothing about you or excellent benefits that your systems provide?

About eight months ago, I lost a sale for a wide format system. I lost because the customer was buying on price only, and of course I did not have the lowest price. Well, the other day I received a phone call from the customer asking me if I could come in and give him training on the wide format system that he leased. At first I thought that I'd tell him I told you so and then thought that I'd tell him that I'm not interested, and then I decided what the heck I'll do it as long as I get a substantial fee for my time. We agreed on a price and I conducted the training as promised and the cleint paid as promised. When we finished I asked him for a referral/testimonial letter, the cleint stated that they would do this and send it to me. A few days later I had my letter and it was a great one! The cleint basically stated that they should have bought the wide format system from me, and was sorry that they opted to buy on the "best price". They also stated that they had called in the original vendor for training (Direct Branch) and then another dealer and that both of them failed. The letter went on to state how well they were training and now they could fully reap the benefits of the system that they had purchased.

Just as we always ask for the appointment, ask for the order, we also need to always ask for a testimonial letter from our cleints. You can never have enough of these letters, you never know who is going to know who when you present them. A good time to present can be when you submit your proposal, have one or two copies ready to go.

What makes up a good testimonial letter? I use this acronym QULKY. Q is for quantified results, U is for unique or creative selling proposition, L is for loyalty and future business and Y is for you. You is the most important, how you responded or thank you for your contribution to our needs.

When was the last time you stopped in and the customer told you they are enthralled with a certain feature and they don't understand how they ever did business without it. I've heard it many times and this should be your que to ask for a letter, you can also ask for a letter after the system has been installed. Ask and you shall receive.

Along with good selling skills, testimonial letters need to be a part of your every day sales life. Remember. new accounts know nothing about YOU and nothing about the skills and knowledge that YOU bring to the table.

Good Selling!

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